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Some questions about studying with the OU for the pro's

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PrincessToadstool Sun 16-Aug-09 08:07:29

I am currently studying DD100 - Intro to Social Sciences and thinking about what to do next and what my broader options are so anyone who knows about these things...:

Is it plausible to study 60 points a year with the OU until DS is at school and do the remaining 120 points (equivalent) at a brick university in one year?

Or, does anyone have experience of overlapping 60 point courses, so doing two in a year, one with a Feb start, one with October, and so on - in order to complete a BA in three/four years rather than six?

Is it possible to complete a BA at the OU then do an MA at a brick university?

Getting very ahead of myself but then I am a girl who likes a plan.

PrincessToadstool Sun 16-Aug-09 15:22:50

Small bump

Scrawl Sun 16-Aug-09 17:29:26

Hi PrincessToadstool,

Yes you can transfer credit from the OU to a brick university and vice versa. You need to discuss the arrangements with each establishment beforehand as it needs to be agreed and is not a 'given'.

It is also possible to study 120 points in one year with the OU and yes, it's preferable to overlap the courses and do an October start and a February start in the same year.

Some people who overlap suggest it is preferable to overlap one level 2 with one level 3 course for two years, rather than ending up with two level 3 courses together in the final year.

If you go to StudentHome or First Class and search for the 120 pointers forum, you will get good advice there about doubling up. Also, they may have experience in the specific courses you are looking to study.

Then it's a case of calling the OU and speaking to credit transfer regarding the completion of your degree at a brick university if that is what you decide.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

Scrawl x

PrincessToadstool Sun 16-Aug-09 18:09:29

Oh brilliant Scrawl, that is all so helpful, thank you I am finishing my first level one course soon (Oct) so am really at the beginning of all of this but a chat with a friend has just made me realise I don't have to take 6 years if I am prepared to work that hard - so having a good think about what I want/where I want this to go.

Thanks for such a great post

Molesworth Tue 25-Aug-09 09:24:26

Re: overlapping courses, as scrawl says, it is possible to do this (or to do two concurrently), but I must warn you the workload is huge! I tried it one year (overlapping a level 2 starting in October with a level 3 starting February) and ended up having to drop the level 3 course, because I found it impossible to prepare for my level 2 exam while writing a double length essay for my level 3 course. I think it's possible if you are super-organised and not too much of a perfectionist!

It's certainly possible to go on to postgrad studies at brick university: that's exactly what I'm planning to do wink

ChopsTheDuck Tue 25-Aug-09 09:35:47

I personally prefer to do two at a time then have a break rather than overlap, but that is how I work. Non stop for a bit, then nothing for weeks. blush

I also wouldn't recommend doing more than one level 3 course at once, but it may depend on subject. I did law and found the level 3 involced a LOT of work, and I'd have never have managed revising for two exams in october.

I'll be finished my law degree in oct, and am starting a literature course in oct. It will be my first go at overlapping, but I'd like to switch to working through the winter, and not through the summer which can be hard when everyone else is outside having fun! It has actually taken me 6 years but had two years off. I aimed to do it in four. Spent the first two years doing a level 1 + a level 2, then the level 3s one at a time.

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