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starting the pgce primary 3 weeks from now. please tell me we'll survive

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sherazade Sat 15-Aug-09 09:14:10

I'm starting the pgce primary , in three weeks. I have two dds, ages 4 and 2. dd1 will be signed up for breakfast club, is in full time nursery, then at afterschool club, so 8-5.30. dd2 will be in a private nursery 8-6. I don't drive but live near a bustop hmmwith regular buses and about 5 minutes from the university. I'm also quite centrally based. I know that not learning how to drive has been a big mistake. DH also studying full time an hours train journey away but he will be able to do pick ups and drop offs (kids) as his timetable v flexible and not anywhere near as full as mine. i'm really frightened about whether or not i'll be able to cope. Has anyone done this and passed , with several children?
<drowning emoticon>

NanaNina Sat 15-Aug-09 18:33:25

Dear Sherazade - my son and dil both did this but with only one child who was older than your 2. My dil made friends with another mother who had children similar ages to yours so yes it's possible, BUT it is a very intense course and even people without children I think find it quite difficult.

The positive thing is is only about 9 months in total (bit like being pregnant!) but I think you need to be prepared for a bit of an uphill struggle. Sorry I don't want to put you off and I don't know how resilient you are. I think a supporting partner is a MUST. also you will need to do a lot of work outside college and it will involve evenings and weekends sometimes, so you and your P will need to ensure that you work out something about academic work and child care. Also if the children are in nursery all week they will of course plenty of care from both of you at weekends.

My son and dil are now primary school teachers and I've had my eyes opened to the amount of work teachers do. They work in the evenings and one of the weekend days in term time and a coupleof days in the half terms too.

I think you need to be really dedicated to do all this because the money isn't wonderful either. Mind there are plenty worse jobs and at least you are hardly likely to be made redundant. My dil loves the job and would not change it for anything but my son sort of tolerates it and has at times been very stressed with it.

SO if I'm honest I think it would probably have been better to wait till the kids were older but I know that isn't always possible.

YOu will also need to learn to drive sooner or later as you will be lugging loads of books to and from school when you start teaching and it will be impossible to collect kids etc and do all that on public transport.

Sorry I don't want to sound too negative but I am just being honest. BUT you have to give it your best shot and you will I am sure come through it but talk with your P about how you are going to share everything before you start.

Good luck!

Louise12 Sat 15-Aug-09 19:54:29

Hi Sherazade,

I thought I would say hi. I'm also starting a one year PGCE course in September and also feeling very nervous! My children are now teenagers but are both doing exams this year so it will be very manic! I do hope all goes smoothly for you and that any organising with your little ones goes well.

Do let me know how your course goes if you get time.

Best wishes.

sherazade Sun 16-Aug-09 08:47:13


thanks for the post, no i don't thinnk you were being too negative, i know exactly where you're coming from. My mum did her b.ed with 5 of us between ages 4-14 aznd i remember how she spent so much time marking/planning and sorting out paperwork. I do feel like i've been 'born into' teaching as it influenced my childhood alot that my mum was training to be a teacher/worked as a teacher as i grew up so i think i know what i'm letting myself in for.

I do think i'm resilient, I completed my first degree despite two pregnancies/a newborn/ c-section in the midst of it all, although my undergrad course was incredibly relaxed (english lit.) and in a subject I've been very confident in. I also know about the money not being great and the dedication involved but i really really really want this.

louise, hi I'm glad i'm not the only one feeling nervous about juggling everything. my peers have already started a facebook group and alot of them are worrying about if they'll manage to squeeze in some partying /relaxation time in the course, whilst i'm wondering if the kids'll be amply fed, loved and rested whilst mummy is studying hmm!

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