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Calling all OU Students!

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SleepyJess Wed 25-May-05 22:19:55

Few questions for you..

How do you go about the process of studying? Time mamangement/motivation etc? (I'm having trouble with motivation and mindless internet addiction! And I need to be very disciplined re time management although a timetable doesn't work for me.. too much on!)

What do you write in the way of notes?

So you do EVERYTHING in the workbooks/chapters? And if so, do you actually write it all down?

And aren't you irriated as hell by all those americaniZed words?! What's with the Zs!!


SJ x

lilibet Wed 25-May-05 22:35:00

Best way to study - stay off mumsnet!

I'm doing A103 as is Horseshoe, really enjoyed most of it. Don't write down all the notes that they suggest but am not doing bad.

I tyr and timetable but I work from 9-3 five days a week so it can be a bit difficult.

Waht are you doing?

SleepyJess Wed 25-May-05 22:46:52

Hi Lillibet. Currently DD122 (2nd half of Intro to Soc. Sciences). Going to go onto Childhood & Youth studies degrees courses in Jan though I think.

Do you ever get behind? I am getting slack now.. and I DO need to stay off MN! For the first few months I was too scared at being a new (mature) student to get behind and kept at it!
Getting complacent now.. just 6 months in!!!
SJ x

lilibet Thu 26-May-05 09:28:23

I have a very understanding tutor - but that isn't always a good thing as now I know that I don't have to make deadlines!
My next deadline is the 3rd June and I know that that assignment doesn't have to be done until at least the 12th, so it makes me a bit slack!

I am determined to keep up with the timetable on the next course as I have had to miss bits on this one, for example, we had an assignment where we had to comment on two out of four book, so I only ever read two of them as I just didn;t have time to look at all four.

Good luck with it

lili xx

SleepyJess Thu 26-May-05 15:44:49

I have actually done some study today!! Not enough.. but some. It's a start..

Good luck to you too My tutor seems very laid back but I haven't had to ask for an extension.. (yet)

SJ xx

pinotgrigio Thu 26-May-05 15:57:34

Hi SJ,

I'm just at the end of Mu120 (maths) this year, but have done quite a few. This course practically expects you to write a novel worth of notes and I really don't do all the note taking they suggest. I write my notes in the margins of the text books and use a highlighter.

MU120 doesn't have an examination component, just a couple of weighty assignments that count as 40% of the course, but for courses that do have an exam component I make my notes on cards which I then use to revise from.

I had to skip a few chunks of this course, but it was a level one easy one, so no harm done.

I study when and where I can, preferably at work when nobodys looking!

beansmum Thu 26-May-05 16:01:27

I'm starting A103 in oct, I have no idea how I'm going to fit in any study, the bean likes to have constant attention. it's going to be soooooo much more difficult than being a full time student so I will be watching this thread for tips!

amynnixmum Thu 26-May-05 16:02:30


I study when the children are at pre-school and school as I have no hope when they are around. I was due to start a course in feb but I've had to postpone till next year

I pretty much do everything in the study guides but my note taking is a bit sketchy.

SleepyJess Thu 26-May-05 16:05:48

Thanks pinotgrigio.. I needed to hear that. I keep thinking that because I don't have a set timetable for study.. (there would be no point! My weeks are never the same!) that I am not being serious and studious enough about the whole thing.. but I am very serious about the eventual outcome I want. It's just so easy to think I'll do some later.. there are so many other things competing for my time and attention.

For you to say you skip chunks and do bits of study here and there makes me feel better. Ellbell has told me several times that I don't need to feel guilty about not going thro all the course material with a fine tooth come and taking meticulous about it all.. but that is still what I instinctively feel I need to do.. which is just not practical!

Have your courses included all that makarky re swapping to and fro from workbook to chapter book..? I find that a bit odd.. and distracting!

SJ x

lilibet Thu 26-May-05 16:16:34

Benasmum - I am just finishing that course -feel free to CAT me!

beansmum Thu 26-May-05 16:19:41

ooh thanks, will do once I get started. I will need all the help I can get, have been doing maths for the last 4 years and I think actually using my brain again is going to be a bit of a shock!

lilibet Thu 26-May-05 16:25:19

It's a very mixed course and I have really enjoyed some bits (French Revolution) and hated others (architecture), up to the last bit now. Two more assignments to do!!

and I should be doing some now!

SleepyJess Thu 26-May-05 22:13:54

amynnixmum. your study 'schedule' sounds quite like mine.. (only school.. not pre-school..and I am always feeling like I should be doing housework!!) Do you manage to stay on schedule re your study calendar? I try to stay in front of mine, at least by a few days, or I panic! At my induction it was mentioned that it is preferable to get your TMA sent off about 10 days before the cut off date but I never do that and don't know anyone who does!

SJ x

pinotgrigio Fri 27-May-05 08:44:01

Hi SJ,

Yes, MU120 has a big workbook component. I have to confess I completely ignored it! Because it is a level 1 it does a lot of that, to ease you into study and help you 'learn how to learn', but my first OU course, which was a huge 60 point science one, did it too, and I was very meticulous. I did all my study skills & workbook stuff then. I studied every single page thoroughly and took lots of notes. I learnt a lot and also learnt how I study best from that, so I don't feel the need to repeat it.

You don't have to write notes if that isn't how you learn best. I alway found that marking notes in the books themselves helped me. If theres something I don't understand then I will do the exercises to help me, also if it's related to a CMA/TMA.

I hope this helps you, OU is very time consuming, much more than people think. Do it the way that it works best for you. If you're getting good marks in your assignments, then you're doing it ok. Good Luck!

pinotgrigio Fri 27-May-05 08:45:44

OMG. Just noticed 'TMA 10 days before cutoff date'. Mine goes the day before, usually in the last post!! 10 days before cutoff. ROFL. Guffaw.

SleepyJess Fri 27-May-05 14:56:35

LOL... I'm glad you find it funny.. me too!! If we had the kind of time we'd GO to uni!!!]

horseshoe Tue 07-Jun-05 14:02:32


A103 just waiting the results

lilibet Tue 07-Jun-05 14:50:37

You've finished!!!!

I still have TMA 8 and 9 to do!!

How was 09?

horseshoe Wed 08-Jun-05 14:18:14

I found it the easiest of the lot, really not too hard at all.

So you haven't even sneaked a quick peak then?

lilibet Wed 08-Jun-05 18:25:08


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