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How do I cope with full time study and being a single mum

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lozzawoo Fri 20-May-05 18:17:51

I am starting university in 2006 and my little boy will be 3 and a half. The only problem is, is that I dont know how to cope with studying full time and childcare. I don't want to go to different nurseries and confuse him and he should of started proper nursery three days a week which will be complicated getting to and from picking him up. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cope with study and children being a single parent?

weesaidie Fri 20-May-05 18:33:10

No advice I am afraid just sympathy! I have the same problem... I am starting Uni this year and worried about child care for my dd (13months)! I need to start looking for nurseries now but I have no idea what my hours will be!

Don't even get me started on the financial problems!

Hope someone else is more help!

dianewalker Tue 24-May-05 13:02:29

I am 24 and in my second year at uni-forensic psychology degree. My daughter is 3 now, I'm not going to lie, it is hard work, but once you get in a routine it's not so bad. I also work 18 hours a week, so I don't get any time to myself, I often feel guilty but I know that in the future I will be have the job I want and be able to buy the things i want. What I have found is that staff at uni are really supportive if you have kids. Generally you don't have to attend all the lectures, and if you email them they pass on the notes to you so you don't miss out. When I started at uni I wasn't working, just taking the loan and the childcare element from the LEA, but beleive me it is a lot easier financially if you work. If you take the childcare from the LEA, it only covers you over the academic year, and if you want the place to remain open over the summer YOU have to pay. If you can't afford it you lose your place and your child could get moved around to different nurseries. If you work a min of 16 a week, you childcare is paid from tax credits, they pay for full time care (5 days a week)even if you only work for two days. This was the best thing I did, my daughterv has really settled, she has got lots of friends and is learning loads. Another advantage, is that you can still get a student loan and work (as long as it is part time) coz they don't count it as income. I claim my loan then put it into a bank account, and leave it for little pleasures As for picking your child, I know it can be hard, if you have to pick him up for 5 and your lecture only finishes 4.30, but they don't mind it you leave early, just make sure you sit at the back of the lecture theatre so you don't disturb anyone when leaving. Anyway, I have gone for ages, hope this helps you.

countrylass Mon 30-May-05 18:14:48


I've just finished year 2 of my degree. Its hard work, and I'm lucky that my partner's pretty good helping out, although sometimes its a nightmare as he works shifts! My son's goes to school now, so classes weren't too bad to fit in, although the college involves a 50 mile round trip everyday, so its a matter of timing and planning ahead. I find the homework the hardest to fit in - as well as classes, I fit in about 20 - 25 hours a week at home (its an English degree) although if you wanted to just pass, you could get away with doing less. I do the vast majority of my coursework at night, after my son is in bed. Its really hard as by 8 o clock I've had it, but I tell myself its worth it in the long run. I would just say, that with a child, be prepared to give up your evenings. If you can do that, you may find it just possible to do.
Good Luck!

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