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Postgrad financial help for parents?

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yerblurt Sat 18-Jul-09 00:48:56

I've been accepted for entry to an MSc this September at univeristy. I will receive full fees and grant of £13.3k

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on any financial help available for mature students who are also parents?

I live with my partner so that may reduce any eligibility for certain awards I realise but would I be eligible for increased tax credits, help with childcare etc? (madam jnr is in nursery 4 days a week but is in partners works nursery which is paid by partner's salary sacrifice)


Acinonyx Sat 18-Jul-09 12:44:18

Someone else may have had beeter luck but when I was in this position I couldn't find anything that wasn't strictly means tested and you wouldn't be eligible.

During my PhD, most of my grant went on childcare. Presumably you partner already gets tax credit - but you can't get any more as far as I know (my dh also works and has some tax credit/nursery vouchers).

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