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OU foundation degree it doable.....advice needed

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BONKERZ Thu 25-Jun-09 20:02:39

I have the opportunity to study for a foundation degree in early years on the OU. Our local council have agreed to fund up to £4000 to enable me to do this.
I have 2 children aged 3 and 9, my DD will be at play school from 9-12 daily so i can use this time to study. I will also be working from 3-6 daily.

How easy is it to study with the OU?
How disciplined do you have to be?
How much support is available?
Should i bother? lol

any advice will be gratefully recieved.

MadMazza Thu 25-Jun-09 20:10:44

I am currently in the middle of an honours degree with the OU. I have been studying for 3 years so far - since DS1 was 5 and DS2 was 18m. I have about 2.5 years to go. It has been doable but sometimes stressful when assignments are due in. I devote roughly 3 hours 4 times a week when DS2 is at nursery but I do have to be very disciplined (and just about manage to keep up) . Sometimes I have to read in the evenings to keep up rather than watching TV..I sometimes work at weekends when I have essays to do (my DP is very supportive). When will your tutorials be? I have one Saturday class every 2 months which comes around quickly and DP does sometimes complain about having to have the children on those occasions! ALl work is via textbooks/DVDS CDRoms etc which are all supplied.

BONKERZ Thu 25-Jun-09 20:15:36

have no idea about when tutorials will be but it says they are not compulsory!
I can devote about 14 hours a week easily i think to study and they advise 5 hours minimum!

I have to make some calls tomorrow to see if i can get credits for my Diploma i did in 97, depending on that the person i spoke to at OU today thinks it can be completed in 18 months which is good cos i then want to do an EYPS course after that!

hocuspontas Thu 25-Jun-09 20:26:50

I started this last year but never having studied before I only did the minimum 30 points. (I think it has changed to 60 this year). You have to be disciplined. I was doing nothing for weeks then ignoring my family for 2 weeks to get a TMA done and panicking.

This year I will know what is expected so hopefully will manage my time better. Our tutorials were just somewhere to meet others and I may not go to any more, so not necessary. The course materials were good.

I'm surprised at getting it done in 18 months! Mine will take 5 years at my rate! I thought the OU didn't like you doing more than 120 points a year?

Good luck anyway!

BONKERZ Thu 25-Jun-09 20:29:29

i already have a level 3 qualification which i have been told by credit transfer accounts for 120points. To get the foundation degree i need 240 points so will do 120 points over the 18months.

hocuspontas Thu 25-Jun-09 20:37:05

DO you mind me asking which level 3 qualification it is? envy

My NVQ level 3 TA course wasn't taken into account.

BONKERZ Thu 25-Jun-09 20:39:26

it is a national diploma in childhood studies and is listed as a recognised course on the ou web site and i spoke to credit transfer who have said it is worth 120 points!

hocuspontas Thu 25-Jun-09 20:47:44

Oooh you lucky thing! That would be a real impetus for me. At the moment I feel it is a long slog with over 200 points to go...

BONKERZ Thu 25-Jun-09 22:05:54

i realise im lucky that it carries so much weight TBH, Luckily i kept everything to do with my course as i need to send in all the grades for each individual componant and i luckily have all those things! LOL
im actually excited about the challenge now, am going to ring around tomorrow and get the forms sorted......just hope the council agree to fund ( which they should do) but they prefer you to study at uni rather than OU BUT the OU course was listed in their info!

bumsrush Sat 27-Jun-09 00:31:04

Just done a distance learning FD and belive me the one thing you need is disipline if nothing else. I am not going on to do the full degree because I really struggled to finish it. I need something a bit more hands on with less distance as I am just not motivated when left to my own devices.

juneybean Sun 28-Jun-09 13:03:12

shock I didn't know level 3 courses counted for credit transfer!!! Where on the website does it mentioned what it accepts.

burningupinspeed Sun 28-Jun-09 13:17:07

hocus - that is exactly what I do - ignore it for weeks as I think I have ages, then panic and turn into a crazy woman - am currently four weeks behind with a TMA due on Tues - WTF am I doing online?! I'd quit but want the 60 points...

So yes, if not disciplined either learn to be or don't do it...

Fruitysunshine Mon 06-Jul-09 09:45:47

If there is one thing you need it is self discipline to get on with the studying. I am doing an honours Degree in Literature and am only 120 points in of a 360 point degree. I have been at it for 4 years now and start my next module in October. When I got ill after the birth of my last daughter in 2007 I had to come off the course a couple of months in as I just could not cope with it. Now I am going to have to double up on the modules if I am to going to graduate within the specified time frame.

Good luck!

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