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Being in charge of a military operation

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foxd Tue 10-May-05 14:05:53

I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding parenting and studying similar to what I imagine goes into organising a military operation.
Interrogating would be childminders to discover if their friendlies or foes,
searching in the depths of bedrooms and under places you would never normally go to find that captured beloved teddy,
Participating and organising training activties to keep yur children entertained and help them to learn right from wrong,
carrying heavy bags on your back full of folders coursework, discs, changes of clothes (for kids), pe kits whilst carrying a small child under each arm whilst your running to get to places on time,
being tested to your wits ends by hearing toddlers whine and whine and whine and of course whine,
whilst studying organising things to keep the toddlers busy and if their attention wains then have emergency procedure startegies in place if the plan doesn't work.

Then theres the undercover operations to hold grandparents,relatives,friends or anybody else who foolishly steps into your territory as hostage whilst you catch up with housework or studying and they keep the kids busy.

Strange thing is I enjoy the pace and am fortunate that my stress reation is to laugh at anything the kids just laugh at me laughing at them. Think going strangely mad.

Is it just me???

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