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To all those who are struggling with OU ECAs or any other final essays....

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Mousey84 Wed 03-Jun-09 23:39:52

Focus on how you will feel when it is all done and dusted. Its incredible.

I have just printed off my ECA for DD100. A horrible horrible 9 months of painful study has come to an end. I even did a little happy dance. If I wasnt so mentally exhausted Id go open a bottle of wine too

Good luck to you all

Molesworth Wed 03-Jun-09 23:41:49

Congrats and well done Mousey

I loved DD100! What course will you be doing next?

Mousey84 Wed 03-Jun-09 23:47:32

Argh, Moleworth, where were you the last 9 months. I NEEDED YOU. grin blush But I must say the minute I hit print on the eca, I forgot everything Ive learnt in the entire course. Except for the word "interpellation" which I cant get out of my head.

Ive already started DB123. Its a personal finance one and waaaay more suited to me. Im loving it and already starting my next tma that isnt due til mid july.

My degree is in environmental studies (finance one is to keep me in study mode til next eco one starts). What are you doing?

Molesworth Wed 03-Jun-09 23:51:02

God yes, I remember struggling over interpellation too - and that was in block 1 wasn't it?!

I'm doing a sociology degree (well, it's Soc Sci with Sociology) and studying DD308 (Making Social Worlds) this year - ECA due beginning of October. LOVE the OU; it has changed my life and have made some wonderful friends, which surprised me because I assumed distance learning would be a solitary experience.

Best of luck with your results and with DB123. It's such a high when you finish each course grin

Mousey84 Wed 03-Jun-09 23:55:35

Noooo, interpellation was the easy part. Gay housewives and all that grin

Im loving the OU as well. Wish Id known about it years ago! Not made friends from it, but my exs more recent ex (as in girl he dated after me) is doing it too. We had a weird bonding experience over it. Nice girl tho.

Right, off to bed for a very well deserved rest!

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