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Last push for final LPC exams - please help motivate me it's really heavy going

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PistachioLemon Fri 29-May-09 00:51:22

Well, this is it, one set of exams left and I'm done but I'm finding the studying so hard, please help motivate me and tell me that I'm going to pass and it's all going to be worth it.

messageinabottle Wed 03-Jun-09 23:56:29

you are going to pass and it's all going to be worth it grin

I am taking my ILEX exams next week and wonder all the time whether it's worth it (you know how the legal profession view Legal Execs..)

I wonder whether it is worth it all the time.. I've been doing the Legal Exec course for three years now during conception, pregnancy and birth of DS (2 on sat).. Have I neglected him during my studies??? It's always v stressful leading up to exam time; poor boy is shipped off to nursery and nanny (my mum) during study leave.

If I finish these exams OK I can go on to do the other core subjects AND THEN do the LPC! Eons away from me, I wish I was in your seat! I never made it to uni so have to do it this way.

Get your head down these next few weeks, forget the housework etc - it'll still be as messy when you've finished the last exams!

When are your exams? Good luck smile

PistachioLemon Thu 04-Jun-09 15:20:29

Thanks! just two left now and the last one's on Tuesday, so hopefully that'll be it, as long as I've passed of course.

I know what you mean about it being really stressful, although I'm kind of lucky (sort of) in that we haven't got any DCs yet so I don't have to multi-task quite as much as you, but I do wonder if the stress of studying has stopped me from conceiving yet.

Good luck to you too . When are your next set of exams? I'm sure your little boy loves spending time with nanny, he probably thinks exam times are GREAT!

By the way, I do know someone who did ILEX and has gone on to do the LPC, and has a qualified position sorted so it's definitely worth it. Are you working too? If so you must truly be super-mummy...

messageinabottle Fri 05-Jun-09 15:58:28


Well my exams are this Monday (Civil Lit) and Thursday (Tort)... I have been revising non-stop and think I am truly ready to take the exams now, I just cannot read anymore!

Yes you are quite right DS loves spending time with nanny and vice versa although sometimes he spends so much with her he calls me nanny for the first hour or so of returning from her house grin

Yes I am working, went back when DS was 13 months old, three days a week. They may want me to start four days a week soon though, I am being promoted to paralegal in Sept (am currently legal sec) so that will be something else for me to feel guilty about! On the upside work have been very supportive, paying 50% of fees, study leave, allowed me to change working hours so I can collect DS from nursery, understand I cannot work late etc and yet are still promoting me to paralegal. So if I do decide to continue to LPC I think they would be v supportive of this too (although I don't think about it too often it's long long way away and just want to get the Legal Exec stuff out the way first!)

I hope the stress does lift after your final exam; you can then completely concentrate on your next assignment grin

Do you know what you are doing next? Will you be looking for a training contract now?

RockinSockBunnies Fri 05-Jun-09 16:02:03

I'm at the end of my GDL exams at College of Law. Where are you guys doing the LPC? The size of the LPC students' books here in the library is scary!

I ought to be doing contract, tort and public revision but figured a 30 min break on Mumsnet would be ok!

Good luck everyone smile

messageinabottle Fri 05-Jun-09 18:14:38

Hi RinSB

LP is doing the LPC but I'm not doing it just yet, I am a long way off as I am doing the Legal Exec route (and have at least one year to go of that)

When are your exams?

Do you have essay questions in Tort? (I don't quite know how GDL exams are structured) We do for the Legal Exec tort and they absolutely terrify me. Shame as they are at least 25% of the entire mark!

I have spent a little more than 30 mins on mumsnet just now during my break blush

good luck!

PistachioLemon Sat 06-Jun-09 09:17:21

Morning ladies. Nice to see that there are some other law students on here - I thought I was the only one for a while!

I'm doing the LPC at CoL Moorgate - the books aren't too bad but I hate the i-tutorials with a passion! Just one exam left now, acquisitions on Tuesday, so hopefully I've passed them and that will be that. Equity was very very hard though and lots of people are very unhappy about it so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm really lucky and have a training contract sorted but it doesn't start until August 2010 so once my exams are over I'll have to figure out what to do for a year... I'm thinking I might try to do something non-law related and local so I don't have to do the commute into London for a while.

Good luck for Monday and Thursday, MIAB, sounds like you are going to do brilliantly. I did the GDL while working and it's hard but do-able as long as you're organised. When I did it, I think you had a choice and had to answer three questions, at least one essay and at least one fact based analysis - I always ended up doing one essay and two analysis, although if you're lucky, the essay ones are good because you can pretty much regurgitate everything and anything you know on that subject.

Congrats on the promotion too MIAB, it sounds like your firm is really good. Do you think they'll be interested in keeping you as a legal exec and then a solicitor?

RSB, 30 minute MN break is definitely okay! Good luck for the rest of your exams too. Have they gone okay so far? Are you going on to do the LPC in September?

georgimama Sat 06-Jun-09 09:22:33

Go girl. DS was born half way through my second year of part time LPC. I know how hard it is.

For those doing the GDL, I would offer the reassurance that compared to the LPC it is very dry and heavy on black letter law. The LPC is far more skills and case study focussed - I enjoyed the LPC a lot whereas I found the GDL a bit of an ordeal (not that hard, just dull).

Good luck all x

PistachioLemon Tue 09-Jun-09 06:12:12

Thanks Georgimama, last exam this morning - woohoo!

Good luck to MIAB and RSB too.

messageinabottle Tue 09-Jun-09 22:58:31

Hello everybody,

thanks for your messages of good luck - it's great to meet some fellow law students.

So how did it go today PL? Well I hope.

I had civil lit on Monday and I did panic a bit [grrr] it was all in my head but it was like my pen threw up on the page.. I've been through the paper against the [correct] answers since [silly idea] and it's hard to tell what my mark will be like. Of course I missed bits I should have put down but in my favour I did answer all the questions and answered them all along the right lines, with mention of correct CPR parts and statutes.

Oh yes meant to say I work in Moorgate!

So yes Tort on Thursday. We have 8 questions (4 essay/4 problem) and have to answer 4 in total. I think I'll probably go for 3 problem and 1 essay I just do not get on with essay Qs!

Yes my firm are good aren't they? (unsure about any payrise this year tho ha!) and yes I think they would keep me on during my next ILEX year and if I wanted to continue the solicitor route (in fact I think they would like to me to continue to solicitor route).

You must have got really good grades to secure yourself a training contract in this climate, well done! The trainees at our firm are not being kept on this year (in fact I am replacing the role of a trainee come Sept). Are you at a firm that has decided to defer training contracts?

and well done GM - having a baby half way through the LPC, that's an amazing achievement. Are you qualified now?

I've been revising all day but I think I'm finally frazzled... Monday really took it out of me but I've got to keep it up for Thursday!

On that note, I'm off to bed. Night all and fingers crossed for those results.

When do you get yours? I have to wait until 12 Aug! ages away!

PistachioLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 09:35:51

I panic all the time in exams, never used to but I think it must be an age thing (for me anyway). Sounds like you did pretty well though - good luck for tort on Thursday.

Great that your firm are really encouraging you, hopefully they'll give you some good work while you're doing the ILEX. Funny that you're at Moorgate - I bet I've passed you in the mornings.

I think I was lucky because I did my applications last year - God knows how I would have fared this year. Having said that I think my degree and work experience is what got me through, my A-levels were appalling but thankfully a long long time ago.

It's quite scary isn't it about all the deferals and so many NQs are looking for jobs. Hopefully by the time I qualify this will be far behind us. So far there aren't any compulsory deferrals at my shop but they're pushing quite hard for people to go travelling or do some extra studying, and so far I'm resisting. Although if I do manage to get up the duff soon, I may just take the money and call it maternity leave.

So, now to get a job and settle down to waiting for results, mine are coming out sometime at the end of July - fingers crossed.

PistachioLemon Wed 10-Jun-09 09:36:32

By the way, LOL at pen throwing up on the page, that's just what I thought yesterday!

RockinSockBunnies Sun 14-Jun-09 21:45:35

Just come back to this thread - exams are now finished! I finished on Wednesday - had public law which was quite nice. I'm now trying to adjust to days of freedom and finding ways to fill the time!

I'm going to be at Moorgate next year too for the LPC as I have to do firm-specific.

PistachioLemon Sun 14-Jun-09 23:48:10

Oooh Moorgate firm-specific, you must be going to a good firm too. The LPC is really not too bad although I did find it deadly dull (especially the electives as my firm made me do all the banking ones and although in practice they're quite interesting, the way they're taught are not). Will you be full-time RSB? If so, you'll get at least one day off a week for the compulsories and two for the electives.

I know what you mean about trying to find ways to fill the time now exams are over. It's not even a week since mine finished and I'm bored stiff already. Good luck for the results - you probably don't need it though, it sounds like you've done really well.

MIAB hope tort went well on Thursday. What have you got next year?

RockinSockBunnies Tue 16-Jun-09 23:27:41

Pistachio - I've heard that the LPC is deadly dull so have prepared myself to have the most boring year of my life. I will be full-time again next year for LPC. I went into Moorgate today to empty locker and the girl at the desk said that apparently the LPC doesn't start until September 7th which is good - I had heard it started end of August.

Do you have a TC? How many DCs do you have? Have you found juggling children and law ok?

PistachioLemon Wed 17-Jun-09 06:26:53

Hey there RSB, I can't help with the juggling children and law I'm afraid, I'm still trying to conceive. The plan was to get preggo while on the LPC so that I'd have a year before my TC starts in September 2010 but that didn't work out too well. So we've decided to carry on trying for the time being on the basis that my firm will probably ask for deferrals anyway and if they don't they're very approachable so I don't think they'd mind if I deferred for six months or so.

I too did the LPC full-time after doing the GDL part-time. I just wanted to get it over with and didn't want to have to mix working and studying any more. You have been reliably informed though, it is the most boring year you'll ever have.

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