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anyone studying SD226 or ED209?

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juicychops Thu 28-May-09 16:33:04

anyone? im doing both of these courses at the moment and it would be good to find others who i can share my stress with!!! more so for SD226 as ED209 i am really enjoying

GypsyMoth Thu 28-May-09 16:45:58

Ed209......did that one many years ago!! Child development? I got highest marks out of all my courses on ed209

juicychops Thu 28-May-09 16:47:56

yeah thats right. i hope i do well on it to make up for the terrible marks im getting on the other course!!!

did you enjoy it all the way through? what was the exam like?

PortBlacksandResident Thu 28-May-09 16:49:57

Isn't ED209 the scary robot that goes wrong at the beginning of Robocop? grin

GypsyMoth Thu 28-May-09 17:00:12

I loved it. I had kids to practice on! Exam I seem to re call was ok. Just had dc3 and breastfeeding. I suppose papers and coursework changes alot as I did this course 10 years ago. I did really enjoy it tho, especially the scientific tests on kids!

juicychops Thu 28-May-09 17:04:38

yeah thats the good thing about doing it when you have kids!! ive been relating a lot of my answers and what i have read about to ds and it helps you make sense of and understand things a lot better

Catsfoot Tue 28-Jul-09 15:39:30

Yes I am doing ED209, still strugging with TMA05, I need to have it in this week.

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