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I got into uni!!!!! what have i let myself in for!!!!

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foxd Thu 05-May-05 23:07:47

have no idea what to type except to say hello & that thankgod i've come across this website especially the student parents part. I've recently been excepted into uni to study child nursing after studying this past year on a access to health science course (2 more ass and 3 exams to go then finished). I'm incredibly skint, extremely stressed and when it comes to organising I bluff my way through. I have two boys under the age of 5 and am in the middle of organising childcare for sept. Anyone have any hints or tips or advice on what to look for in a childminder?

Gobbledigook Thu 05-May-05 23:11:57

No hints or tips just a lot of respect for you! Go for it and good luck!

Chandra Thu 05-May-05 23:12:41

I would start by checking if the Univ. offers any subsidies for childcare and take that as a starting point, or if there's a nursery in the premises (get in the waiting list if there's one NOW as they are normally booked well in advance). My only tip would be to visit her and trust your instincts, you will now when you find the right person, take your children with you when you visit, to see how do they interact with her.

Chandra Thu 05-May-05 23:13:02

BTW COngratulations

sallystrawberry Thu 05-May-05 23:15:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chan1811 Fri 06-May-05 09:21:03


I have no tips on childcare but I just want to say congratulations.
I know what you mean by bluffing your way through being organised.
I have been accepted to Uni and know how stressful it can be having a young child around whilst studying.
I have respect for everyone on this board that have the courage to go for it.

foxd Fri 06-May-05 13:45:38

still trying to work out how this thing works. I really should read the instructions, does this site have instructions? Having a crazy day, have been on phone most of it trying to sort out a re-mortgage. Trying to sort out money or basically clear all debt ready fort the start of september. I'm ready to pull my hair out if the kids don't get to it first.
Thanks for the messages, come september my dss will both be in school so looking for a chilminder that picks up an ddrops off, i've had to move my eldests school last week so that we would have access to childminders that were not full or that appear to be from a hitchcock film. Goes to say my ds not impressed with school move. yet. it is a better school.
i've been to visit a few childminders and am now left with a choice between a grandmothery type of person or an action packed person, although i'm still not quite sure maybe looking for a childminder with bells on and a cherry on top.
sallystrawbery - have you received forms for nhs bursary yet? What are you all studying?

Juniperdewdrop Fri 06-May-05 13:50:02

site map and help

hope that works!

congratulations on getting in Uni, hope it all goes well for you

chloeb2002 Fri 13-May-05 18:32:00

Hello Foxd! im a student nurse (adult) and have a DD 2 1/2 and a single mum.... its not easy but my top tips to survival are.....
1/ for me the first year as been the tough! be very very very well organised. like a military operation.
2/ have cover for when children are sick neither placements or uni are very impressed with carers leave all the time. Remember that childminders and chreches are not happy to have childre when they have D and v and if you get it you need to be 48 hour asymptomatic before returning to uni/ placement.
3/ with two kids i think you get two childcare cost providers? i wanted to apply for a childminder and nursery and was only offered the nursery fees because i couldnt get funding for two 'full time slots' and couldnt predict which days iw ould need a childminder. Hospital shifts are not pre set so one week i may work no lates and others i will do 3 ( on different days) and weekends.... does that make sense? like the childminder could only give me a full time ( every morning and evening) to cover DD's place on diferent days. even tho i may not need it. costs are set for a whole year.
4/ remember if your on placement the hours in years 2 and 3 (branch) lead onto your final uni reference when you want to get a job and register with the NMC. so time off is noted sick leave and carers.
all that said its do-able! so far this year i have had a part time job but ive just handed in my notice because im just too tired and sick of telling DD that im going to work again!!!!
Enjoy it.... Are you diploma or degree?

foxd Sun 15-May-05 00:15:51

Thanks chloeb2002 for tips and advice, it does make sense.
I'm going to be studying the degree. Really looking forward to it..
What about yourself which one are you studying?

chloeb2002 Sun 15-May-05 17:08:01

Ive opted for the diploma. for financial reasons really. I didnt want all the student loan debts. I had a degree and a diploma offer and opted for the former so taht i can get the diploma bursay, thats a single mum thing mainly as i didnt have any extra income to support us. I also am heading towards advanced credits at diploma so its only a year on the job to top up to degree and that will be paid for by my employer.
It is very very rewarding all togethr although it can be very tireing, make some me time, and keep the guilts to a minimal. however i love it lots!

Jeany Thu 19-May-05 09:43:06

Hi, this is one of the first mnessages I've posted. I a going back to uni in sept to finish my degree and do the PGCE teacher training. I am unsure about childcare options and worried about debt. Is there anybody else in this situation. I am really chuffed to have got into uni but now the reality of the situation is sinking in. I have two kids one at school one at home and am a single parent. Would love to get some advice from others if there is anyone else with similar situation.

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