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Chan1811 Thu 05-May-05 12:20:04

Hi my name is Chantelle and I am new here.
I have a two year old son and I am planning on starting Uni in September and am so happy that there is a place for student parents to chat.
Well basically, I though I would introudce myself and I look forward to chatting with everyone.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 05-May-05 12:20:53


I'm not a student mum but just thought I'd say hi.

Good luck with Uni

strugstu Thu 05-May-05 12:21:36

hi there,

strugstu Thu 05-May-05 12:22:12

what r u doing at uni Chantelle?

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 05-May-05 12:23:05

BTW, you do realise that you will never get any work done now you have joined MN?

Chan1811 Thu 05-May-05 12:27:24

Hi, I am going to do accounting with business, but I am thinking of changing my degree to accounting with management. However, right now I am just concentrating on actually getting the grades to get in.
I've already realised that I am not going to get any work done as I should be revising right now as ds is asleep.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 05-May-05 12:28:15

See the Mumsnet bug has bit you already

Chan1811 Thu 05-May-05 12:32:01

What do you girls do at uni?
Is there a lot of work?

strugstu Thu 05-May-05 12:35:30

yes it can be very distracting, am trying to linit myself, i use it as a reward if i meet my targets each day (so dont know what i'm doing on here now!!!)
i am just finishing public health degree, have had enough now....its been damn hard work.

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