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how do I stand a chance of getting onto a gtp programme?

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beanie35 Mon 11-May-09 13:04:26

I have just finished my degree and had intended to go into teaching, but following a series of miscarriages in my 2nd year, I didn't get round to doing any voluntary work in schools or applying for a gtp programme this year. If I want to get onto one in 2010 what would you suggest?? I have been told by countless people that they are almost impossible to get onto, do you really need to have friends in the right places, or is there a more honest way of going about it, I know I could be a good teacher, but getting a foot in the door seems so hard.

Bucharest Mon 11-May-09 13:12:21

It is bloody hard- When I was in the UK I looked into applying....My Mum at the time was working for Ofsted and spoke to the woman responsible in our area who told my Mum basically "ho ho ho, no chance" Then my Mum mentioned that my degree was languages and I'd been teaching over here in Italy for about 10 yrs and she told her I could start the following week!
What is your degree in?

beanie35 Mon 11-May-09 13:19:19

Mine is in English, how weird that you're in Italy, I lived in Italy for a few years. My Italian is not fluent though. I did a lot of teaching while I was there, but they don't seem to consider that as 'experience' in UK schools. I have taught classes with 25 unruly Italian teenagers in, but they are still not interested. sad

slummybutyummy Tue 19-May-09 23:51:59

beanie - I'm in the same boat, lets hope we get some good advice. Am asking around so I'll let you know if I hear anything.

frustratedmom Wed 20-May-09 00:02:59

Am also in the same boat but want to do a PGCE.

The advice that I got was that things such as being a guide leader counted in some respect to that end.

All I need now is 3 extra months before the interview I some how managed to scrap to magic up the experiance. Ahh....

Have you tried GTTR website they might have some advice - even if it is not directly applicable and their help line is pretty good.

Good luck!

deste Thu 11-Jun-09 23:16:57

My DD applied to 16 schools and was told no. She has now applied to be a classroom assistant and at the interview was told this was a great route to the GTP. This was one of the schools who already said there was nothing. She already has a first class honours degree in a different subject.

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