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Anyone done a general access course ?? What did you go on to do afterwards ??

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NervousNutty Sun 10-May-09 10:47:39

By general I mean, one that includes Maths, English, I.T, etc.

Did you know what you were planning on doing afterwards before you started the course ?

girlylala0807 Sun 10-May-09 11:20:51


I was planning to do teaching after mine...then did work experience and thought no way.

I started at uni doing English and History then changed to single History and start 3rd year in September.

Hope that helps.

NervousNutty Sun 10-May-09 11:47:16

Thanks girly, very helpful smile

Mistiek Mon 22-Jun-09 19:33:02


I had to do an access course to get in to Uni to do nursing. The college I did the course at offered to fields of study one for those hoping to go into the social and medical fields and one for those who wanted to go into teaching. The courses were diffirent but I am not sure how.

So in this case it was important to sort of know which field you wanted to go into.

I did the access course in Health and Social Care and did Psychology, Sociology, and Biology as well as Personal Study Skills. I then Had to do Maths level 2 seperate. Did not need to do English as the course content was enough for the Uni to see that English is understood etc.

Hope this helps... I know its been a while since you posted.

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