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i really need help with a debate

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nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 14:02:21

we have got to do a debate tomoorw for c.s (english) we are doiing the subject

" should contraception be alaliable to under 16s????"

i have to arguee against, and the subject that i have to tak about is sex education and health im struggling sooo much im gonna fail i no it im really thinking about giving in a and leaving i cant cope

i only have to talk for 5 mins but i cant even come up with anything to say for 1 min

can anyone please help me xxxxxxxxxx

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:04:22

Arguments against*....

The legal age of consent is 16 years old, therefore it is illegal for young people under the age of 16 to be having sex. Offering contraception to under 16's is tantamount to condoning under-age sex and therefore breaking the law

BTW, these are not my opinions !!!!

nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 14:05:11

thats good. thanks xxxxx

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:07:34

There has also been studies linking cerical cancer rates with under-age sex.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 17-Apr-05 14:09:29

ok I could tell you what to say, but tht wouldn't acheive anything.

Get a cup of tea, sit down with a big bit of paper or a pad and write down all the reasons you can think of why under 16s shouldn't get contraception (whether you agree or not).

Once you have written down some things you should find that it helps you to thenk of more.

That's how you start - then find a couple of groups of points (eg points to do with parental consent, and points to do with immaturity/STDs) - it can help to join them up on your paper (have you seen mind maps?) and write a paragraph for each group.

The important thing is to take it one step at a time. If you can't quite fill 5 mins then you can't - you may get a lower mark but you won't fail for that.

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:11:08

Stuff from the BBC might help with your research?

Nik, please, please don't give up on your course. You fought hard to get on it, don't throw it away because it challenges you hon.

compo Sun 17-Apr-05 14:11:14

here you go Debatabase is brilliant for this kind of thing

irishbird Sun 17-Apr-05 14:12:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikcola Sun 17-Apr-05 14:13:25

i really dont want to give up its just so hard at the moment we have got 11 essays to do in 6 weeks and a big project i just feel swamped plus i failed my biology exam and i have to go back to college next year for one evening a week to re do math cause ive failed it

i wont leave i just wish i was more academic!!!

thanks for the help xxxx

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:14:37

Glad to hear that you're sticking with it. Remember, your pass at the end will be all the sweeter cos you know how hard you worked. Good luck hon. x

LIZS Sun 17-Apr-05 14:16:41

Gives a false sense of security regarding pregnancy, given potential failure rates.

Some forms (ie. Pill) do not on their own protect against STD's which could have long term health and fertility consequences.

Needs to have all the information associated with it taken on board (ie. need for regular taking of Pill, possible consequences of missing one, stomach upset or prescription drugs, Condoms need to be used from the onset) for it to be effective.

strugstu Sun 17-Apr-05 14:17:18

Could u bring peer pressure into, psychological effects....
put it all onto prompt cards and summarizing your points at the end may give you another 30 seconds.

nikcola Mon 18-Apr-05 14:54:16

i passed i got a level 2 (only need level 2 in c.s) BUT our teacher was being observed and the cs teacher gave me a 1 (a fail) but the observer overuled her and passed me!!!!!

nikcola Mon 18-Apr-05 14:54:44


nikcola Mon 18-Apr-05 14:55:00

nikcola Mon 18-Apr-05 14:55:09

nikcola Mon 18-Apr-05 14:55:10

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