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wish i knew then what i know now.........

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strugstu Sun 17-Apr-05 13:27:55

Pass on your wisdom to those of us struggling with courses at the moment...what do you wish someone had told you about studying/uni/college that would of made life easier at the time...

Lonelymum Sun 17-Apr-05 13:33:22

When I look back on my student days I am struck by how easy they were. I didn't have a very arduous course (except on occasions), I had no children to care for, only myself to please, and I seemed to have spent the time reading, going where I pleased and "finding myself". The last two years of the course, I even enjoyed most of the work and loved staying up all night writing essays because it didn't matter: the next day could be spent in bed.

I would say, enjoy the freedom and lack of responsibility while you can because I should think I will be retired before I can have the same quality of life as I had as a student. Of course, none of this emans anything if you are already a parent yourself...

Smurfgirl Sun 17-Apr-05 18:22:18

First year doesn't matter, just get drunk.

Good student me and I wish I had worked harder in my second year because it does matter then.

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