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URGENT HELP Bibliography and referencing HEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!!

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sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 17:13:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 17:18:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

albert Thu 14-Apr-05 17:28:48

Well on my course we were given some notes on how to do it - have you got a fax I can send it to, other wise it's going to be a long type I think.

Dominoes Thu 14-Apr-05 17:33:45

References are used throughout the essay/text etc when you are quoting someone/thing or referring to it. You can insert references using the 'Insert' button in a word document. It will insert a number into the text for you and then at the bottom of the page, you normally cite the source of the reference, ie - 1 - Smith, E (1999) "Title of Book" Page no.

Bibliographies are the list of books/source and reference material, usually found at the end of an essay etc. So you would list all your refenece material here in one list and is more detailed than the references. Usually broken down by 'author' 'published date' Title of book/material Publisher name and location

Hope this makes sense - someone will probably come along who'll be able to explain it better than I can

huggybear Thu 14-Apr-05 17:37:00

referencing is what you do in the txt

i.e if your putting in a quote

(Young 2000)

a bibliography goes at the end of your essay with the references in full

Authour (last name then inital) book title, publisher and year

ie (Young P Social Welfare Macmillan Press Limited 2000)

if its a group of people writing you'd put Young et al

can some on please check if thats right please?

Dominoes Thu 14-Apr-05 17:40:48

Another tip - if you've got more than one reference from the same source on the same page, for the second one you would normally write - ibid, pg no -


sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 17:41:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zebraX Thu 14-Apr-05 17:45:50

What are you writing for, SES? If it's a class essay, I would type the URL and the title of the page (comes up at the top, like right now it says "Mumset Discussions - URGENT HELP..." along with a date when you looked at the URL

Dominoes Thu 14-Apr-05 17:47:54

references to the internet didn't come up in my student days!! Hoever, I write plenty of reports in my job and I guess I would cite the website that it had come from and if there was an idenfiable author, cite them.

katzguk Thu 14-Apr-05 17:52:04

i was told not to use internet references as anyone can post anything on the net without it needing to be edited or refereed!! i would try and find a book to back up the reference, my supervisor said for my PhD thesis only use the interenet references as a last resort but then he did conseed that the pictures of bone structure i had lifted from the net were far better than the scanned in ones, one way round it is to alter the picture slightly and say in the brackets put something like [Adapted from Jones and]

Chandra Thu 14-Apr-05 17:53:54

I have used references of the internet, they are done in the following way:

Name Surname, 'NAme of the article', Name of the publication, date, URL (accessed on Day Month Year).


Surname, Name. 'NAme of the article', Name of the publication, date, URL (accessed on Day Month Year).

gothicmama Thu 14-Apr-05 17:54:44

Author. (date)-title- [online]<> (Updated 24/05/05 Accessed 14/04/05)

updated is if teh documrnt has been updated on teh website since teh year it was oringinally created

sallyenglebertstrawberry Thu 14-Apr-05 17:54:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandra Thu 14-Apr-05 17:55:03

Obviously, check first if the source is reliable. (Avoid personal pages if you can )

strugstu Thu 14-Apr-05 21:44:34

References are what you have refered to in your text, and bibliography is the books or sources you use to support your assignment but havent referred to directly.HTH

Blackduck Thu 14-Apr-05 21:47:16

Bibliography - anything/everything you looked at even if you don't directly quote - shows breadth of reading...
Referencing - quoting or paraphrasing/summarising.....

Ellbell Fri 15-Apr-05 00:22:41

Internet references are fine as long as it's a 'serious' source. I normally tell people to look for 'academic' sites, identifiable by the form: in the UK and in the US. Obviously this depends on the topic though. I've just examined a PhD which made really good use of internet resources. The internet is also useful for getting hold of back issues of newpapers etc. (although it is sometimes an abridged version). The main thing is always always to show where your material has come from.

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:23:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ellbell Fri 15-Apr-05 00:52:27

Yeah... sorry Sally... read the most recent thread last! D'oh! Never mind... I am still sitting here marking! (I am, honest... not just looking at MN... not me...!)

Ellbell Fri 15-Apr-05 00:54:15

Well done on getting it done btw! Hope you get a good mark... you've certainly worked hard enough at it!

Oh, and I've just eaten an Easter egg to get me through the last DD2 decided on Easter Sunday that she didn't like chocolate any more and please could she have some broccoli and cabbage!?

Ellbell Fri 15-Apr-05 00:55:35

??? What happened to my post?

"... to get me through the last of my marking" was what I meant to say...

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