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financial advice and employment advice....pleeease!

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Nixz Wed 30-Mar-05 14:42:17

I am doing a part time ITT course to be a primary school teacher, i currently work p/t aswell in a sales office and a am a single mum. I have a 7 week work placement in October and i obviously wont get paid for taking the time off from my employer, any one have any suggestions on how i can afford to live foir them 2 months!!!!! I get a loan but that would not cover my outgoings and i only get wftc for 4 weeks, then nothing. Any suggestions?

chloeb2002 Wed 30-Mar-05 17:25:57

Hi there not totally sure but when i was on WFTC it carried on during 'holidays' cant you use holiday time to cover some of your placement. Also your WFTC continues if you are sick. I also think however scupulus i feel now about WFTC that you dont tell the inland revenue unless you stop working 16 houyrs plus a week indefinately. They will continue paying it. If not why not consider taking on a different part time job.. I work in a pu 2 nights a week and get £45.00 for it. I ahev a babysitter who eats a bit of it but would be worth it if its only for 7 weeks?

Nixz Wed 30-Mar-05 17:56:29

i dont get enough hols to cover the placement, may get approx 2 weeks. So if i say for instance took 2 weeks paid holiday,and took the rest unpaid leave, then you think i will continue to get wftc? Its paid via my employer though - anyone know how that would work? I struggle with babysitters and wouldnt get one in the evening really.

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