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Is anyone a course advisor/expert? Direction &Advice please

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Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 07:31:45

I am a bit stuck what to do next. I was going to apply to do an Access course in Art and Design at KIAD but have found out it is too far from house, way too far in fact.

I have a particular interest in textiles but I am a bit stuck where to go now.

I have done a variety of textile/art based adult education courses (still on-going) which i have enjoyed as I have learnt new skills and met new people but I want to really get my teeth stuck into something now. Cant really do "full-time" because of my childcare commitments, but part time should be fine.

Please help, i really dont want to have to go and work in Morrisons not that anything is wrong with that of course

Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 11:00:10


Chandra Mon 21-Mar-05 15:51:00

What about a part-time degree?

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