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am thinking of returning to study, how do you juggle classes, course work and family?

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Sibble Sun 02-Nov-08 18:41:20

Basically says it all. Am thinking of returning to study in the new year to re-train. Have 4 and 8 year old. 4 year old will start school next Aug but goes to day care 3 days/week as I've recently given up work. How do you juggle after school activities, studying, course work etc etc.....

mamalovesmojitos Sun 02-Nov-08 18:51:03

by the skin of your teeth!

things like a social life and housework tend to take a back seat. its exhilirating and tiring, extrememly stressful but boosts your self-confidence hugely. i can't believe i'm in fourth year, couldn't do it all again but so, so glad i did.

my dd was one when i started back so she had different needs over the course to your children. they probably need to be lots of places every day do they? my dd is four now.

will it be a full time course? do you have help from a dp?

when there's a will there's a way. i'm sure it'll be a fantastic experience for you. smile.

Sibble Sun 02-Nov-08 19:20:49

I'm a permanent chauffeur to ds1, ds2 has the usual pre-school things, swimming etc..dh would be no help. He's very supportive to me studying. He knows I'm going a bit mad doing the stay at home mum thing and need to know that when boys are both at school I can go back to work albeit part time. I've tried working part time in my old field and it's just not the same. It's time for a change. He also works away a fair bit which isn't a bad thing as was planning on doing alot of the work when ds;s in bed and he's away rather than watching mind numbing Tv.

I am however realistic. Have made appointment to see course convenor this week to discuss P/t v F/T.

AM a mixture of excited and 'am I being realistic'.

mamalovesmojitos Sun 02-Nov-08 20:47:03

oooh sounds exciting. well if i can do it you certainly can!

the difficulties for me lie with the time demands of my course - it's very full time, with added evenings and some weekends, plus travelling to and from dds childcare takes ages as i don't drive. would your lectures be in the morning?

also i live alone with dd so things like having the time to do a shop or having milk in the house suffer sometimes! especially coming up to submission times.

you sound really positive and ready for it so i'd say just go for it.

oh and presume you have a computer at home- makes a huge difference.

Sibble Sun 02-Nov-08 23:22:56

Thanks I,m trying not to get overly excited. Computer etc. no problem. Mine is more of a logistical issue. No family etc near by. Course seems to run 9-4.45 with the very occasional weekend. Weekends are no problem as dh would have boys. It's the start and finish times. The earliest I can drop ds2 at pre-school is 8 and the latest pick up is 5. When he starts school next August it's an 8.30 drop off and 6pm pick up so the problem almost reverses! We live in the sticks so it's battling motorway traffic into the city and park for a 9am start. Thought I'd do a trial run later this week to see how long it takes. Also considered slipping in the back a bit late each time but asked about class sizes today they are 5-25 so a bit hard to slip in unnoticed regularly grin.

Thanksfor your support. Oh. Also found out may be eligible for some credits due to previous degree and training. Fingers crossed.

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