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To study... or to play in the snow...

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SleepyJess Fri 04-Mar-05 10:52:16

How does one ignore the lure of the BIG FAT STICKY snow flakes falling outside onto an already VERY snowy landscape.. go to one's tiny desk in one's boring little bedroom.. and STUDY!!

Kids (well 2 of them.. the older ones) are off.. and out playing.. I WANT TO PLAY TOO!! But I MUST - GET - A GRIP - AND STUDY!!!!

SJ x

Ellbell Fri 04-Mar-05 13:58:06

BE STRONG, SJ! [supportive emoticon]

SleepyJess Fri 04-Mar-05 15:08:57

S'ok Ellbell.. I got a grip.. I studied.. and the snow has stopped! It's just when the snow is falling like that.. makes me want to go a frolic!

SJ x

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