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WOOHOO!! just finished my first OU course!

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SpandexIsMyEnemy Fri 03-Oct-08 23:43:52

YAY! finished the first one (Y162) all has gone well lets hope I get a good mark for the 10 points. (only a short course)

can now fully get on with the MST121 & MU120

only one TMA for the 121 to go and then we can properly get started - only a week late starting the course properly.

CapricaSix Sat 04-Oct-08 15:04:07

Well done!
I did Y154 Open to change last term, helps you figure out what you want to do next in your life, and how to make a change. But when I got the results through I was so disproportionately proud of myself even though it's a tiny course! grin

I'm doing S104 now, a 60 pt Science course, which is very different!

murphyslaw Mon 06-Oct-08 08:43:12

well done you !!! - I am on my my 7th OU course I start this week. Have completed both MST121 and |MU120 they are great courses.

Just about to start on SK277 Human Biology

Every single course gives you such a fantastic sense of achievement when you have completed it.

Good luck with the rest of your studies.

shivermetimbers Mon 06-Oct-08 08:46:18

hi, i am just starting an OU course but am quite worried about the TMA's.
reassurance welcome grin

murphyslaw Mon 06-Oct-08 09:12:02

dont worry! tutors and other people on your course will give you all the help you need.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 06-Oct-08 13:08:08

TMA's I like to write in rough as I finish the section - then when it comes due I only have to spend an hour or so writing it up.

murphy - how did you find the MST121? i'm struggling with the radians esp, but also the trig.

then again it was the prep tma I've just done there as well woohoo so now all up together again - but I know i've failed it miserablly cos it's mainly algebra (which was mostly ok) but about 60 points was trig & radians.

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