OU - Exploring Psychology DSE 212 let's chat and worry over assignments!

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muppetgirl Wed 24-Sep-08 18:20:59

I’ll start off with an introduction.

I’m Muppet and I’m 32 and have 2 children ( 4.6 and 10 months) I used to be a teacher, early years trained but taught in yr3/4/5. I loved teaching but when I worked in a difficult school I knew I’d found my vocation so would really love to become an Educational Psychologist.

I started this course in Feb. 07 and completed 2 assignments but became pregnant with ds 2 and developed a serious case of baby brain so stopped with a view to re enrolling when I could.

Very excited to start!

docket Thu 25-Sep-08 11:50:20

Great thread, so good to know we'll be able to offer each other some support and encouragement!

I'm docket, I'm 35 and have 2 dcs (3.11 and 2.3). I worked in media but have just quit to look after the kids and start this course. I'm very interested in Ed Psych too and also counselling.

muppet, what were the assignments like? I am very nervous about them!

muppetgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 13:59:48

Hi Docket

I was am a worrier as this is a totally new subject to me. I did child development within my education degree but this is on a different scale. I found them very approachable if you can write an essay. I did find the statistics side VERY hard and hated doing it but I am having Maths Tutoring to help. I don't like not understanding something and I really hate learning something just to pass a test. I got C at GCSE but didn't study statistics so that's why I found it hard. I'm hoping this time I'll be more confident.

docket Thu 25-Sep-08 16:50:47

i get confused about what statistics actually entails. is it about interpreting data?

muppetgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 18:18:09

Yes you have to follow the instructions as to entering data into spss, print out then interpret the data. I can do the following instructions bit and the printing bit but I get lost on the interpreting. Well I did, hopefully this time I'll have a better knowledge than I did.

Cocodrillo Fri 26-Sep-08 14:09:16

Hi, I'm 34 and have got two kids (4.2 and 1.9) and another due in late Feb. My plan is to try and get ahead before then and complete most of the assignments before my due date so I only have revision left for the exam. Please don't burst my bubble and tell me I'm mad!

I've been cracking on with the reading, I've found the identity stuff quite dense (or maybe that's me!).

I'm looking to do a the conversion diploma, then consider the MA/PhD route to Ed Psych.

muppetgirl Sat 27-Sep-08 08:59:25

Hi cocodrillo

I'm finding the identity stuff fab but also quite dense. It's hard to separate the three into similarities and differences as they have similar names and ovelap each other quite a lot.

I have found it fascinating already...

Anyone fancy 'meeting up' on a Sunday night to review the previous weeks study? Sort of like an unofficial tutorial (or am I being to 'teacher ish!') This would help us all as it's consolidation for those following the time-scale and revision for cocodrillo.

docket Sat 27-Sep-08 17:35:25

muppetgirl, sounds like a great idea, i'm up for that!

Cocodrillo Sat 27-Sep-08 18:20:54

Yes, that would suit me too. Good idea.

muppetgirl Sun 28-Sep-08 08:27:11

Anyone around this eve around 7pm ish to have a chat about what we've been up to this week?

I'd like to chat about the identity theories and try to find an easier way of remembering them!

Take care

Cocodrillo Mon 29-Sep-08 22:07:39

Sorry muppet! 7pm would be a bit early for me anyway, I'm putting the DCs to bed then, 8pm would be doable though. Anyone else?

I've started reading the evolution chapter, it's making my head explode. I've always had trouble with the concept of eg the existence of space; the concept of time; the size of dinosaurs, etc. DH thinks its hilarious. Fascinating stuff, mind.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 30-Sep-08 10:30:24

Hello - found you all smile

I'm 36, 3 children aged 7,5,3. I used to work doing information/database type things (but I am not a techie and my maths/stats experience is minimal), but stopped last year after juggling 3 children and a job just became too hard to handle. I an now a SAHM, and help out at school.

I haven't studied anything properly since my degree which was eons ago! I am not sure what I want, but am looking do to the Diploma, but one course at a time. Ed psych interests me, but I have no teaching experience hmm

I haven't looked at my books so far - I am sort of pretending it isn't happening yet lol! I have had an email from my tutor though, and know where and where my first tutorial is going to be...

Lovely to have this as extra support!

muppetgirl Tue 30-Sep-08 10:39:56

Hi all

I think 7pm was a little daft!!! 8pm is a much better suggestion!Am finding my head can only take so much information before I start to fog but is all really fascinating.

As the course offiaclly starts this week shall we meet up this Sunday at 8pm? Shall we chat about week 1 in terms of what we thought, what we found interesting or difficult to grasp? We could focus on the learning outcomes from the workbook if you like...

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 10:44:41

8pm works for me. Although like Greeneggs (phew, not just me!) I haven't looked at the books yet!

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 14:23:08

I have started to flap! Am a bit confused about what I need to install on my PC. Have put the SPSS software on but don't understand what/if any of the other software disc I should install. It's not that clear (to me!)... Can anyone help?

Cocodrillo Tue 30-Sep-08 18:20:58

You only need to install that one CD. Then there are instructions at the start of the SPSS booklet on how to open the programme, and open files etc. - I went through the first couple of pages of the booklet just to make sure I'd installed it properly and it was doing what the book said it should be doing.

docket Tue 30-Sep-08 19:26:45

Thank you! Sorry, couldn't see wood for trees there for a minute...

docket Wed 15-Oct-08 10:14:03


How is everyone getting on? smile

ihearthuckabees Wed 15-Oct-08 17:53:39

Hi docket,

I tried to start a thread asking the same thing, but everyone must be too busy studying to reply wink.

I've read the first chapter and started to think about the TMA. The ethical stuff seems quite tricky, don't you think?

BTW, I introduced myself on the first thread about DSE 212, in case you're wondering who I am.

docket Thu 16-Oct-08 10:41:46

Hi ihh!

Yes, I think the ethical stuff is tricky. A lot of information to digest and not entirely clear cut (to me anyway!).

I'm just working on my chapter 1 notes, I'm finding it quite hard to process the information, or understand exactly which bits I should be working on retaining. I suppose I am just very out of practice...

I went to a tutorial on weds which was useful, have you been to any?

ihearthuckabees Thu 16-Oct-08 16:16:24

I haven't been to a tutorial yet - it's not til the 25th. I have spent today's study time trying to suss out the EPoCH resource and reading the study guide. Procrastinating really!

docket Thu 16-Oct-08 17:48:34

Me too. I have found the EPoCH online facility REALLY frustrating. It seems to take the long way round to everything. Very annoying, or it's me being thick! Do you have a set amount of hours a week you are able to do/aiming for?

I need to improve my self discipline. I spent far too much time wasting time today..

ihearthuckabees Fri 17-Oct-08 11:18:19

Oh, I practically have a PhD in time-wasting!
I am aiming for a couple of hours a day. I work freelance (only a few small jobs), so am fitting it around that and dog-walking/chores/school run etc.
My resolution was to work in the evenings (instead of telly watching) if I hadn't achieved anything during the day, but so far, it hasn't happened. (I have a serious TV addiction, which makes me a bit of a saddo, blush, and my DH works irregular hours, so evenings are not very structured].
Deadlines usually focus my mind!

docket Fri 17-Oct-08 13:15:21

We are both over-qualified in that department then smile

Agree, deadlines focus the mind. I can't face the thought of doing really badly either and that helps too!

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 21-Oct-08 14:29:55

So, anyone else with tutorial on Saturday? Where are you going?

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