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accessing online professional journals

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shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 17:25:57

need to access online midwifery journals, but dont know which or what are available-anyone help? i have got athens password/login thanks in advance.

SeaShells Sat 26-Feb-05 17:28:06

Hi, you could try 'Student midwives sanctuary' go to 'links' and there's alot on there.

BadHair Sat 26-Feb-05 17:37:25

Shevi, this link will very probably not work for you but its worth a try. It's a list of relevant mw journals, databases and websites that we give out to our mw students, but it's designed for our college only.

If it doesn't work let me know and I'll CAT the details to you. Am finishing work at 6pm though.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 17:40:27

Thanks bh, no cant get link to work will u CAT for me.Thank u.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 17:43:07

Just looked at the 'sanctuary site' thanks seashells, loads of good stuff.

marbeth Sat 26-Feb-05 17:51:07

Hi Shevi

Are you a member of the Royal college of nursing.Find thats very helpful it has access to miders.Also am able access british journal of midwifery i think through athens then stetwise I think.What subject are you looking for

marbeth Sat 26-Feb-05 18:01:44

just checked again look under swetswise for british journal of midwifery

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 18:05:51

Thanks marbeth. no not member of the royal college. am writing a case study on stress urinary incontinence post delivery from hv role- for public health BSc. Unfortunately i havent managed to access royal college sites with athens password/login (unless i've got the technique wrong! )dont seem to allow athens access. Was going to talk about weaning- but was worried i'd be lynched (see various weaning threads!!!)

marbeth Sat 26-Feb-05 18:18:05

Am also doing same course as you.Check on your athens acount if you have assess to swetswise.I have 2 athens accounts my NHS one allows me to assess this where i have been able to print articles from journal of midwifery.Good luck with course.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 18:19:14

marbeth- cant gain any access thru swets have googled and got on that way, BUT, cant search it cos it doesnt recognize my athens, struggling a bit. thanks anyway.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 18:25:27

Thanks marbeth. Have also tried with my nhs athens with no sucess, will try through NeHL site. How are u doing with the course, i am really finding it hard work. Often the more i read the more confused i become!! Am hoping this will all slot into place at some point.

marbeth Sat 26-Feb-05 18:30:49

I have really enjoyed it but found all the assignments very hard going.Takes over your life.Been lucky in that i have been able to do it part time.Feel there is so much to learn in practice to make sure information given is evidence based.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 18:41:01

am doing it full time, and its a real struggle. at the moment i have no life and the only relationship i seem to have is with the computer!! I know what u mean about evidence based practice - and have to cringe when i hear advice that some hv's give. (weaning grr!!) hope we get chance to talk again.

Smurfgirl Sat 26-Feb-05 19:43:00

I use this page to find all my electronic journals, just have a look through the listings, most need the athens stuff.

BadHair Sat 26-Feb-05 22:49:32

Hi again, this is the basic list of stuff we give out to nursing and midwifery students. More is given out for specific modules, but as I don't work in the School of Nursing I don't know what they are.

Key Journal Titles:
American Journal of Nursing
British Journal of Nursing
Evidence-based Nursing
Journal of Advanced Nursing
Journal of Child Health Care
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Journal of Community Nursing
Journal of Learning Disabilities
Mental Health Nursing
Nurse Researcher
Nursing Management
Nursing Older People
Nursing Standard
Nursing Times
Paediatric Nursing
Professional Nurse

Are you signed up for the CINAHL nursing database ? There is a charge but haven't looked into it so don't know if its costly.

Web of Knowledge and Zetoc are journal databases that require an Athens password, but will give you access to over 20,000 journals from the British Library.

There are lots of journal articles available through the ProQuest and ProQuest Nursing, BNI Plus, Blackwell Synergy, Infotrac, PubMed, and Science Direct databases, but again there is a charge for these. If you are part of an academic institution you should be able to access these if the institution has coughed up a membership fee. Or check with your local library as they might have signed up.

Finally, there is a NHS database of journal info but its name escapes me. You can access it if you are employed by the NHS - think you need your staff number to register.

Hope this helps.

shevi Sat 26-Feb-05 23:04:19

thanks BH i appreciate that. I can access most of these thru the Uni site, you get better results when you limit the search to particular journals, otherwise you have to trail through obscure journals till u find what u think will be useful. Its knowing the names of the journals... for example 'Midwives' didnt come up as a journal, however the title is RCM Midwives IYSWIM. I've not tried Web of Knowledge or Zetoc, so that might be worth a try.

Many thanks everybody xxxx

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