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UCAS.. may help

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chloeb2002 Fri 25-Feb-05 10:30:31

Ok its interesting watching the stress UCAS causes... been there done that! however a few tips, have UCAS email you when they update. If you know anyone else who has applied to the same course then keep in touch with them. They may find out that results are out before you. You may get a letter before UCAS tell you anything. Some institutions will interview everyone beofre they give out places so its not so much a matter of a b list just that for example York uni had in total something like 3000 applicants of which they interviewed 1/2. for 150 places. so its a huge task. easy to see the other side from the other side so to speak!
im sure you will find out soon fingers and toes crossed for you both.... what are your plan b's?

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