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freshers week...anyone else started?

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Katiekins83 Tue 16-Sep-08 14:09:43

i have had my induction for my final year times it has got to be said i did not think that i was going to make it! everyone else ( well bar a few) were off out tonight as its freshers week and instead of coming home and getting ready for a night out i have scrubed the house to celebrate, sometimes i do miss it. does anyone else feel this way? i love the bones of my DS and this is part of the reason i think why should i leave him, plus i could not cope with a late night then a 22 month old at 5 am!lol!

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 22:55:13

I start on Monday. I'm nervous!

Pawslikepaddington Tue 16-Sep-08 22:58:09

Two weeks to go and am desperately getting my intern work finished to get it out of the way by the start of term. Feels like summer never happened now-the stress is winding up already! grin Avenanap-read on another thread that you do part time ironing etc to help get wtc-I don't qualify for HB but have £900 a month rent, so need all the financial help I get-how do I get word about/start? xx

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 23:18:46

Just stick some cards up in newsagents. You need to work more than 16 hours (including admin) on this to get WTC. You need to register as self employed with the tax office before you can claim WTC, they will gove you a number which you need to give the inland revenue for the WTC.

The university is a good source of money, try their access to learning fund. You should be able to get housing benefit if you are on a low income once you go back to uni. I would reapply.

Pawslikepaddington Tue 16-Sep-08 23:28:28

I've tried uni and the money is dried up already shock. Don't qualify for HB as I haven't sold our house, am (hopefully if anyone eventually signs up!) renting it out until I finish uni and we move back home, but I only get £200 a month in my pocket from it once someone is paying rent on it, although they count the house valuation as savings in the bank. sad

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 23:31:15

The Uni gets new money from the government for it's access to learning fund every September. I would try again. wink

Pawslikepaddington Tue 16-Sep-08 23:33:35

I will jump to the front of the queue and rant and rave and say I will start an escort business and go to the papers unless they help! grin!! You defo doing radiology then? smile

avenanap Tue 16-Sep-08 23:35:44

Yes, until I can get onto the medical course. It's fab anatomy experience. Far better than nursing. grin

The law society were talking about offering bursaries a few years ago. Have you checked their web site?

Pawslikepaddington Wed 17-Sep-08 00:10:52

Aaaah no, you don't get those until you have a training contract, i.e. end of year two/beg of year three, so that you don't drop out in your final year. And even then they are usually about £1,000, which is good, but only a month's rent. Am willing to move to a bedsit tho to cheapen things up-dd and I usually co-sleep anyway grin, but am stuck on this tenancy until next Sept and I love it in this house-it's all old and crookety-we have sash windows and the tops slant, there are weirdo windows everywhere, and we're on the main tourist route so dd really enjoys her people-watching and shouting "we live at kettle's Yaaaaaaaaard!" and then hiding when people look up (in a v home counties accent tho so it is kind of cute!)! We were in a council flat before so it is palacial! grin xx

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 00:13:59

Can you get a lodger? A female student teacher maybe? They all have to have CRB checks.

There are charities that give money away to students. Your Uni can put you in touch. Ironing and WTC is not bad money though. £10 an hour, 16 hours a week and WTC on top.

Pawslikepaddington Wed 17-Sep-08 00:19:16

Ooh that's true, we have a spare bedroom and are on the next road up from St John's, Clare, Magdalene, Ed's, Lucy Cavendish, Wolfson Court, Trinity and Kings, so perfectly placed for a lodger! Are you allowed to stipulate that they can't have late night parties/naked men wandering into dd's bedroom/be a raving drug-taker/alchy? It's also the smallest room-as in box room with single bed and wardrobe-the other two are pretty huge but I don't want to move dd out of hers as it's decorated as hers, and I need my double bed because I pay the rent!!! grin!

Pawslikepaddington Wed 17-Sep-08 00:19:49

Gosh you are student finance savvy! You should loan yourself out at £10 an hour for this too! grin!

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 00:22:09

Of course!
It will be alot cheaper for her than halls. I'm not sure what the going rate is in Cambridge but I assume it's expensive. This should help. Try a medical student. They are (normally) quiet. She can send me info via mn. grin

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 00:23:45

lol! It's the many years at Uni. I've learnt my way around the systems. smile

You could do some typing from home aswell, type people's essays for them, they give you a rough copy.

Pawslikepaddington Wed 17-Sep-08 00:28:02

Aww, I'll lose my study! I felt posh with a --dumping ground-- study! Great income source tho-will stick cards up everywhere tomorrow! Oooh, don't even know what to charge now, I've got so excited!! I'll feel really mean asking them not to delete Jeremy Kyle on V+ and not to ring Algeria at 10am on a Tuesday and putting in a clause saying if they are bad tenants they can skddaddle! Ooh I'm so excited! And worried! grin! You are brilliant!

avenanap Wed 17-Sep-08 00:30:59

Thanks. That's a tenner to you! grin

Make sure you share the bills. wink Think of the terms and conditions first. Get a deposit aswell, keep it in an ISA so you can keep the interest after you have given it back.

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