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ethanchristopher Sun 14-Sep-08 21:14:43

i'm starting college/year 12/as year next septemeber and am thinking that i will have to put ds into a nursery (he will be nearly 3 by then)

both my parents work and dp will be at university or studying and athough he says he wouldnt mind looking after ds he cant obv take him to lectures e.t.c

i would be dropping him off at about 8 and picking him up at 3.30

also visiting in some of my free periods

does this sound very unreasonable and shitty? should i make dp watch him...

personally i think that nursery is a good thing cause he willl learn to bond with other children and it will prepare him for school e.t.c

any thoughts?

trumpetgirl Sun 14-Sep-08 22:19:53

I had to put dd in nursery when I started university. She was nearly 4 at the time, but she loved it. She had never spent time with children of her own age before. Even when she made a fuss and said she didn't want to go, I would come back as soon as possible and she didn't want to go home.
I thought that I would visit her during free periods, but actually she didn't want me to, and it was an ideal oppotunity to get work done.
It did also help to prepare her for school, and some of her nursery friends go to the same school as her.
You aren't being shitty at all. At the end of the day, you are making a better life for you and your ds.
If you were working, you would have to do this anyway.
I think you're doing a fantastic thing and wish you all the best

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