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UCAS still waiting to find out if Ive got a place

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sallystrawberry Mon 21-Feb-05 23:49:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Mon 21-Feb-05 23:53:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

milward Mon 21-Feb-05 23:55:56

SallyS - good luck. The time will pass.

sallystrawberry Mon 21-Feb-05 23:57:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash Mon 21-Feb-05 23:57:29

I'm still in the same boat as you sally. I too, check regularly and nothing, zilch, nada ..... so bloody frustrating. At least we can be miserable together

sallystrawberry Mon 21-Feb-05 23:59:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 00:02:58

FWIW, DD2 has had 3 interviews and all 3 places have posted on UCAS within 9 days - 1 yes, 1 no, 1 maybe.

If they haven't posted anything for you, doesn't that mean you are like first reserves? I've been wondering how they organise this - DD2 has applied to 6 places and at almost every place they say they have about 6 times as many applicants as places, which sounds like everybody will get a place somewhere, doesn't it, but they can't say A, B and C will get a place and turn the rest down because A, B and C may get a place somewhere else too and turn them down so they have to keep a few waiting.

Does that make sense?

marialuisa works in higher ed, with luck she will see this thread and post an explanation - anyway chins up, they haven't turned you down so you are in with a chance!!!

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 00:04:11

what do you mean by first reserves - crappy few days and brain not functioning at intelligent level yet (not that it ever does )

sallystrawberry Tue 22-Feb-05 00:10:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 00:11:06

I am only guessing here, joash, on the basis of how the local selective school works; they offer places to the first 120 in the entrance exams, but some of those will decide to go to other selective/independent schools instead and turn their places down, so they need to have a reserve list to offer those places to.

The last 200 or however many will just be rejected, but they have to keep a few in suspense until they get answers from the first 120. You haven't been rejected, so you must be in the reserve list? (DD2 got her definite rejection within 8/9 days.)

Smurfgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 00:21:55

I got the letter confirming my acceptance about 2 weeks after my interview for nursing.

When I applies through UCAS the first time I got my final answer (no! ) in March.

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 00:28:08

But it's been over two weeks now...

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 00:28:29

sally who said that you'd hear by the end of march?

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 00:29:18

You could ring them?

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 00:45:26

Don't know about anyone else, but the thought of actually chasing it up scares me.

sallystrawberry Tue 22-Feb-05 00:54:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Tue 22-Feb-05 00:59:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 01:06:09

Nice thought sally - trouble is, all the peole who mattered at my interview were women (and not one shaggable)

joash Tue 22-Feb-05 01:06:21

that should be PEOPLE

marialuisa Tue 22-Feb-05 10:54:35

JanH is spot on with her analysis of the situation. At the University I work in policy is to keep a proportion of places unfilled until we know how many of our unconditional offers have been accepted and how many of the conditional offers have put us as first choice. Lots of boring, complicated formulas involved. When we have that figure offers are then made to students on the reserve list. Depending on the figures we have at that point a course may/may not be put down for the clearing list to fill any remaining spaces.

Not sure what course you're applying for but even if you don't get a place on your first choice course you could always look for a combined honours course (e.g. English and IT) through clearing if that's appropriate. TBH many students do this and then transfer onto their preferred course once term is under way.

marialuisa Tue 22-Feb-05 10:57:00

Oh and a plea from the inside-PLEASE DON'T RING!!!

Different unis work in different ways but admissions are never in the hands of one person whatever they may have told you! They will contact you eventually.

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 11:01:55

Thanks, ml!

joash and my DD are applying for the Social Work degree (and joash has only applied to one university); sally's application is for nursing - so no real alternatives as for purely academic subjects. Fingers crossed all round!

marialuisa Tue 22-Feb-05 11:16:27

One of the problems with nursing is that we are limited on how many overseas students we can take. An astonishing number of applicants have compliacted fees status situations, and in some cases departments end up with quite a few spare places towards the end as they decide not to offer to students whose status is unclear. I've got 25 Nursing/Medicine queries for Sept 2005 entry on file at the moment.

BTW, most departments are still interviewing candidates so sit tight, all is not lost!

sallystrawberry Tue 22-Feb-05 22:07:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanH Tue 22-Feb-05 22:33:00

SallyS, from what DD2 has heard, deferring would be a v bad idea this year. As things stand (if nursing the same as Social Work???) you would get free tuition (at c£1200 pa) - if you deferred to 2006, you would become liable for c£3000pa (???) to be paid off after you start earning, and it hasn't been decided yet if that will be covered as current tuition is. So check that out!

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