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Applying through Student Finance - Stuck on one of the questions!

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tammybear Wed 20-Aug-08 16:25:30

Hey, I'm probably being incredibly thick, but I'm filling out the details of my DD, and after I've put her name, dob, and what her relation to me is, it asks "Income from all sources net of income tax and social security contributions". What exactly do I put here? Is this the maintenance I get for her? I'm just really confused and cannot find a help button for it either (typical!) Lol. Would appreciate some help as I really don't want to mess this up! Thanks.

artydeb Wed 20-Aug-08 21:48:48

It's a nightmare form. I'm unsure if its you or dd is student but if its you then yes, put in the maintenance for her but just make sure you don't repeat any sums elsewhere as income for you - if that makes sense? And if you're doing it online eep an eye on it as some of my info went missing and they claimed I had ticked no to sharing info - why would I do that if a bursary is up for grabs?? Hope you sort it out. The people at my LEA were semi heplful if I got really stuck with anything

tammybear Thu 21-Aug-08 13:34:37

Yes it is for me that I'm doing it. Thanks. I was just so unsure, and then the website crashed on me lol. And thanks for the heads up about doing it online as well. Shall keep an eye on that too!

tammybear Thu 21-Aug-08 17:24:30

Btw, just to double check, am I suppose to work out the maintenance that my dd will get for the first year of my course and put it there?

And also, if anyone else can help (though I'll be phoning the care line tomorrow morning lol) with these two questions.

One asks "do you have any income (earned or unearned)?" I'm on Income Support, getting Housing/Council Tax Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit, and obviously Maintenance. Does any of that fall under this?

And also, it asks at one point for the husband/wife/partner's estimate income. Well I'm a lone parent living on my own, so I'm presuming I just leave this blank right?

This form is making me feel really thick! LOL.

jofeb04 Thu 21-Aug-08 19:53:03

I rang Student Finance (Wales) u today to question about child benefit and child tax credit and they said it is not to be included.

Not too sure if this is just in Wales though, so best to give them a call.

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