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any access to nursing students that can help???

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sassybabee Wed 16-Feb-05 08:23:50

hi, ive got a biology assignment for biology, which is analtical research, and is nearly finished. im stuck on a question , and just seeing if anyone can help me?( getting close to chucking it out of the window,lol!!)

its about dietary reference values( estimated energy and nutritional needs for groups of the uk population)
fully describe 6 factors which will affect our energy and nutritional needs?

do you reckon this is to do with peoples ages, pregnant women, people with diebetes?? im totally lost!
have been on this pc for hours with still no joy

nailpolish Wed 16-Feb-05 08:28:22

i think it sounds like you are on the right track.

daily activities
underlying illnesses (like diabetes that you mentioned)
pregnant women


sassybabee Wed 16-Feb-05 08:30:32

thanx np! just been going round in circles with this assignment!!

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