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im starting college in september i have 4 children wil i cope? and how?

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tanyamumov4 Tue 12-Aug-08 22:12:20

im starting to get raly worried i have 4 chilren under 6 and am starting college 3 days a week in sept it an access t nursing course and im soo worried im not gonna be able to cope with having kids and all the coursework and that im just looking for aome advice really on how to cope with all the assignments and spending time with the kids. xx any advice appreciated xx

slug Wed 13-Aug-08 17:17:29

Of course you will cope. Not only will you cope but you will find your course brings unexpected benefits. Your children will see you studying and will absorb the idea that it is normal to do homework and pack your bag the night before class. They will see you succeeding and absorb the concept that education is a means to an end and a joy in itself.

I started a degree when DD was two. I coped by compartmentalising my life. home was home, school was school and work was work. They did not mix except occasionally when I did my homework at the same time DD did hers (or drawings and practising her letters, hardly homework) I found if I only had 3 hours avaliable to work in the library, I went in, sat down and got started because I didn't have the time to muck around. I negotiated with dh Saturday mornings. He looked after her every Sat from 11-2pm while I got on with work. Mostly I went to the uni to do this because then i wouldn't be distracted by cleaning or iorning. Two evenings a week were exclusively mine to work. Dh did all the cooking and getting to bed stuff and I would come home when I had finished whatever I was doing. I found this was enough to cover the worst of the work I had to do, though I pulled the ocasional late nighter. On the days I wasn't at school I made the most of the home time with the offspring, leaving any niggling extra work till after lights out time.

Find out what works for you. Good luck and remember, statistically mature students almost always do better than young students.

colie Wed 13-Aug-08 20:52:37

I am sure you will cope. I did an access to social work course one evening a week over the year with a baby,a 4 yr old and pregnant. I studied when baby had her nap and 3 evening a week once kids were in bed. Once it was close to assignment time I would study on the saturdays as well.

With you getting 3 days at college to do it, you will probably find that you don;t need as much study time as I did.

You will love it, definately go for it.

allgonebellyup Thu 14-Aug-08 07:34:14

i was going to start the same thread as this one, except i have 2 dc, and the course i am doing is 5 days a week.

Slug, i have no partner, how do i fit in all the studying, and cooking/getting kids to bed, etc?

AMAZINWOMAN Thu 14-Aug-08 12:52:33

I am also worrying, am doing a 60 point course with OU, work and no support.

If the house is a tip now, there is no way it will be tidy when I start the course!!

but i want the qualification, so I can change my job

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