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trying to decide on next OU course - KE312 anyone?

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kitkat9 Tue 12-Aug-08 14:41:18


Have recently passed A210 Approaching literature, which I quite enjoyed. I'm building up credits from previous study to complete my degree, and have 260 credit points now - so one more course needed to complete.

Anyway, have decided (well almost decided) that I would like to go into primary teaching once I have my degree, so will be applying to do a PGCE next year, possibly.

I was originally going to carry on with the literature theme and do a levl 3 lit course, but have noticed this KE312 which looks like it might be beneficial to teaching in the future. Has anyone done it? Given that I haven't done any of the Childhood courses before, would it be too hard to dive straight into?

I do have a basic knowledge of psychology and sociology from previous study (10 years ago!) and am very interseted in this topic.

Any advice would be so gratefully received. BTW, I'm 20w pg now, and baby will be 8 weeks old when KE312 have ds(4) and dd 19 months...

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