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snotbuster Mon 04-Aug-08 22:05:42

I have been studying for a BA(hons) part-time, for years now. I am currently half way through my 'final' year (which takes me two years, if that makes sense).
I did well in my most recent assessment and my University records currently state that, if I graduated now, I would be entitled to a BA with distinction smile. Obviously I need to complete the course to get a BA hons, and I might not do as well next time.

I'm aiming to go on and do a Masters after this - do you think anywhere would take me now - without doing the 'hons' bit?

I know this probably seems ridiculous but have personal reasons for wanting to move towns - sooner rather than later - which is why I'm wondering about this. If anyone can advise I'd be really grateful.

Ginni Wed 06-Aug-08 13:17:59

I would imagine that each Uni you wanted to apply to, and possibly even different departments within the same Uni, would have differing views regarding this. I'd only recommend that if you've identified the Uni and the course you want to study, to give them a ring to discuss it. I know for the Masters I did, even though it was from a good College in Uni of London, I didn't actually even need a BSc, just being a mature student with sufficient work experience and enthusiasm would have been enough, oh, and the ability to persuade the interviewers that I was up to it.

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