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Anyone else checked for their OU results?? Mine are online early....

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sillybillybee Mon 04-Aug-08 11:03:23

.... and I passed OCAS is 83 and OES is 60 so I PASSED grin I have needed a few words of advice from others on here this past year and would like to thank you for it.
I was dreading the results as I thought I had completely messed up the exam but wooohoooo (can you tell I'm happy?)

So has anyone checked for their results and what did you get?? Sending good luck vibes to all those waiting for results

kitkat9 Mon 04-Aug-08 12:19:16

well done!

I passed too, very pleased. Think my overall score was about 67% - not amazing but I'll take that!

Thank goodness it's all over...until the next course.... smile

prettypurpledaisy Tue 05-Aug-08 15:38:28

well done both of you. I passed aa316 got 59% in exam and 52 overall blush so got a pass 4. Now having to decide whether to sesit this course as this will adversly affect my overall degree. I will still get a 2.2 but really wanted a 2.1 as all my other courses have been better.
At least I passed. Good luck everyone else for your results and weel done again kitkat and sillybillybee.

me23 Tue 05-Aug-08 15:51:51

well done everyone, I did a open uni course last year it was great.

surprise Thu 07-Aug-08 18:15:32

yep, mine were early too. Pass 3 which is more than I thought I'd get! delighted. well done everyone.

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