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Student Loans and tax credits

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Jambuttie Sat 26-Jul-08 11:18:37

Hi all

Can anyone tell me if I have to contact tax credits about me being a student

I will get a student loan which I have to pay back and not sure if they take that into account

ten10 Sat 26-Jul-08 11:38:10

the HM Revenue and Customs web site says that Student loans and Grants do not affect your Tax credits

read "here"

but you probably need to inform them about your change of status i.e. becoming a student

ten10 Sat 26-Jul-08 11:38:43

one of these days i will actually work out how to insert a link properly

FranSanDisco Sat 26-Jul-08 11:48:19

They like to know about changes in circumstances so probably best to tell them. I'm also getting a student loan so will be ringing them when I start college smile

Jambuttie Sat 26-Jul-08 13:30:28

Kl will deffo let them know

You just get scared too tho eh that your tax credits get all messed up it's hard enough economically now without more added pressures

Katiekins83 Tue 29-Jul-08 09:54:10

hi! also if you are a single student parent then you will be entitled to a maintence grand
parents learning allwance and a few other bits, aslo housing benifit to hepl with your rent, if you are a full time student.
make sure you speak to you welfare team and they will make sure you get everything you are entitled to.

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