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Experience of OU courses

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curleyshirley Thu 24-Jul-08 13:35:29

Hello All
I think this is probably a crazy idea, but would really like advice from others, partic those who have experience of OU courses. I have one DS who is 13 months, and another due in early Dec. I was due to return to work this month, but because of pregnancy have had a career break agreed - currently for 12 months, but extendable. I work in the civil service so they are very good on things like that and I am very lucky. I am on the whole very happy being at home with DS, but also feel would love to do something for myself. I have a good job/career and there are some bits I really, really miss partic in terms of how I feel about myself, about respect for myself and from others in my role at work, pride in my acheivements and work etc etc. I would absolutely love to study again and feel doing an OU course would help fill the gap that I sometimes feel. I have a masters degree, so am interested really in doing a particular diploma, that is related to my work, to extend knowledge rather than to get another degree. So it would be two courses, a Level 2 and a level 3. The level 2 starts in October 2008. So, am I crazy for even thinking about starting an OU course 8 weeks before my second DC is due - with a DC of 15 months?? Should I wait another year? (which I really dont want to do - feel so far away!). Sorry for the length of post, felt background info was required. Thanks for reading - and any advice v gratefully received!

allgonebellyup Thu 24-Jul-08 19:28:24

hmm i think you can do it.
i started my first OU course when my dd was 6wks old. But at that point i only had the one child, not 2!
Are both the courses 60 credits or 30?

curleyshirley Fri 25-Jul-08 00:34:13

Thanks for not dismissing me as completely bonkers!! Wow for starting yours when your DD was 6 weeks! I feel a bit more confident that life will return to normal more quikly after no.2 but maybe again thats naive. Both the courses are 60 credits. The alternaitve level 2 courses (you choose 1 out of 2 level 2's and 1 out of 2 level 3's) starts in Feb 2009, but I really would rather do the first one (on basis of content). Or I wonder if I can do a level 3 before I do the level 2? Perhpas I would need to speak to the OU themselves about that....

MarsLady Fri 25-Jul-08 02:17:22

I love doing my OU courses.

I have 5 children and I'm a doula and I go salsa dancing. I've just finished a Creative writing course (and getting ready to start the next one in October) and I finish my French course in October. The writing course was 60 points and the French 30points.

It is a lot of hard work but there is such a sense of satisfaction. I started my first course with a newborn and continued it when I had the twins. Love it and wouldn't change a thing. smile

You go for it!

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 25-Jul-08 02:30:41

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Fri 25-Jul-08 02:32:08

lol! I'm just home from dancing and am winding myself down before going to bed. School hols so no need to be up at the crack of dawn unless my client goes into labour. smile

allgonebellyup Fri 25-Jul-08 08:23:55

curley im sure it will all be ok!
2 x 60point courses will be hard work but as you say, life does settle down more quickly after baby no 2.. (hmm -tries to remember days of madness where it took 2 hrs to stop baby and toddler crying and to get out the front door)

curleyshirley Fri 25-Jul-08 09:35:41

thanks so much ladies, I think you have said the right words to make me just go for it!!! Marslady - what an inspiration!! It is that sense of satisfaction that I miss so much. Getting very excited now!

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