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meanmutha Wed 23-Jul-08 13:51:02

As a single mum of three I am finding the prospect of finacial transition very daunting. Any tips? Mainly I can't get my head round the I.S. situation. Is it true that they class the full maintenance loan as income WHETHER OR NOT you use it? I don't want to use it!

meatballs Wed 23-Jul-08 23:47:11

have done the same thing, down side is that although some money is a maintenance grant as such the rest is a loan so you are borrowing to live. worth it to double your income and for sense of achievement!

reallyfatcow Wed 30-Jul-08 00:08:23

it is true. also they stop your i.s during term time so remember to inform them as soon as loan arrives or you'll have to repay, your h.b. will change slightly too if you're getting that.
i did the thing of cancelling all direct debits and paid all my bills 3 months up front on each loan enstallment and lived on tax credit and left overs.
has worked out great for me, managed to get loads of bits done in house etc.
you might be eligable for access to learning fund assistance which you apply for through uni, they help with shortfall in childcare grant and travel expenses etc.
just finished first year and although it was tricky it turned out well,.....not thinking about the amount i'll owe at end till i'm earning hehe.

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