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Aaarrrggghhhhh - I've not even started my course yet and I can't cope with the sodding Bursary Form. Please reassure me and calm me down!!!!!!

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Notalone Tue 22-Jul-08 19:11:20

Why oh why do they need so much info and so much substantiating information? I am going to find impossible to get all this bearing in mind I work full time, no-one knows my intentions and it is impossible to even fart in the office without someone overhearing you and telling everyone else meaning I can't chase the documents I need when the relevant offices are open.

Fair enough I have a lot on my plate currently with juggling full time work, a partner who is on crutches and out of work, an impending holiday on Saturday, renewal of tax credits, all the housework, DS chnging schools and childcare and the sodding sodding bursary form. But seriously. How am I going to cope being a full time skint student if I can't cope now? hmm

AvenaLife Wed 23-Jul-08 02:02:36

The bursary form is an absolute PITA! Don't worry, alot of people find them confusing. They are far too nosey. I have to fill in how much rent I pay, not that it makes any difference whatsoever to how little I get paid. hmm You just need to sit down and go through it. Remember to photocopy it when you've completed the little bugger so you won't have the same problem nex year. wink

The Uni will have an access fund where you get to fill in another invasive form and they give you free money.

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