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Has anyone done an OU Maths degree?

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KateF Sat 19-Jul-08 23:34:32

Hi-would welcome any information/experiences as I am considering starting a maths degree with the OU now that dd3 is off to school in September. I have A level maths but from a long time ago so would start at the very basic course to refresh the brain cells. Long term I would aim to teach, probably doing a secondary PGCE with the OU as its flexible.

retiredgoth Sat 19-Jul-08 23:38:48

...have you done any OU study before?

If so you can access the Maths forums (fora?) on First Class and ask them direct...

I did an introduction to the arts a year or two ago, and am now changing tack to something I know nothing about. Maths!

starting this in september....

KateF Sat 19-Jul-08 23:45:53

No havn't done OU before but I did the Diploma in Pre-School Practice a couple of years ago when the dds were all under 6 so I hope that will have given me some experience of distance learning. What's made you decide to do maths?

retiredgoth Sat 19-Jul-08 23:53:40

...a whim.

I know nothing about it, and found it hard at school.

I was going to do a history or literature course, but I know a little about these subjects...

...having done an OU course I am confident about following a new discipline. The courses are robustly designed and timetabled, and there is a lot of support (tutor and peer) available, both real and online. They will get me through, I am sure.

..I think any person with motivation will succeed with the OU. It is a splendid thing...

KateF Sun 20-Jul-08 00:01:03

Oh thanks-that's upped my confidence. Think I will go and sign up for Starting with Maths. Will distract me from my baby going off to school!

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