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horah ive survived my first uni exam...

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chloeb2002 Fri 04-Feb-05 18:30:08

Im just so chuffed ive had to tell the world! Ive get 81% in my safe nursing practice exam! very very pleased.... so if i can do it any one can... just a note to, if anyone lives up north york uni has places still for march intake for the nursing diploma. this is for direct entry applicants.. just a thought for anyone....

tiredemma Mon 07-Feb-05 08:15:01

well done!!!

Beansmum Mon 07-Feb-05 12:59:11

that's brilliant!! well done

Chandra Wed 09-Feb-05 22:23:41

81 in York, Chloeb? you must be a genious!!! congratulations!!!

chloeb2002 Sun 13-Feb-05 17:39:54

well chandra you know id alway known i was hiding my light under a bushel! to add to that ive now passed my first placeent too! hoorah, now another 9 weeks of driving down to york again. still ill think of the coffee!

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