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Can you help me choose a toipc for my dissertation please??

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tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:37:32

Only year two on monday, you would think that they would let us 'enjoy' our summer- hmm. I have just received an email asking me to consider what topic I would like to discuss for my dissertation- we are expected to have a 'plan' for the first week of uni in sept.

It has to be related related to mental health as this is my branch of nursing- im flumoxed- any suggestions from you brainy lot??? ( to get the ball rolling of course- not to write it for me)

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:37:58

only finished year two - that should say

colacubes Tue 08-Jul-08 16:44:05

Hi tiredemma, I was a student mum graduated 3 yrs ago now. Mental health???, I went to the library and had a look through past dissertations, not to copy, of course! but you can get some good ideas of what works, and what doesnt. Also, the way you gather your research should be a part of the choice, you dont want to choose a subject that on the surface seems great but once you start you realise its taking alot of time to start whilst everyone else is getting on with it.

colacubes Tue 08-Jul-08 16:45:58

I did psychology btw, mine was on "The contributing factors in child crime" or something like that cant remember the title now!!

claricebeansmum Tue 08-Jul-08 16:46:47

The mental wellbeing of women who spend ridiculous amounts of time on internet?

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:47:03

really?- so they will let me look at old copies? That would be a great help.

Im really interested in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so may try to source out some stuff on thois and get a feel of whether it would be agood topic to choose

claricebeansmum Tue 08-Jul-08 16:47:56

PTSD when you cannot get an internet connection?

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:48:26

cola- that actually sounds very interesting- what grade did you get?

Clarice- I could get lots of stuff from here on that topic, im sure!

witchandchips Tue 08-Jul-08 16:48:52

I organise the dissertation course in my department and i too have ruined summers by asking people to think of topics over the summer

i would simply jot some ideas under the following headings

1) what topics am in interested in?. Think of essays or lectures that have really got you going
2) is there anything that i would like to find out more about
3) what kind of methodolgies have students used in the past? What am i good at. Some thesis are fairly technical, others are more descriptive. what would i like to do
4) Are there any topical issues that i could work on?

Once you have done this, you may see some ideas beginning to take shape. Once you get back in september i am sure that your tutors will help you fine tune your ideas so please don't try and do it all by yourself

good luck

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:49:38

ha ha witch- I love your first sentence 'ruined summers'

NigellaTheOriginal Tue 08-Jul-08 16:49:57

needs to be something you really find interesting as it will take over your every waking moment until it is in.
so which bit of mental health do you find the most interesting? older people? young people? community stuff? in-patient stuff? treatments? alternatives? attitudes?
Next do a bit of searching to find out what research has already been doe. you don't want a topic with none at all but equally not a topic with huge amounts of stuff to wade through.

And avoid aromatherapy. no real research out there - nice but a a bit crap.

colacubes Tue 08-Jul-08 16:50:37

clarice, very funny,

Yes tired they have them bound for you to have a look at, we had them in the psy library on our floor, but I am sure they will be somewhere, also, my uni was only small so I went to a bigger more substancial one and you can get a guest pass, (ask your uni library, they will do it for you) the bigger the uni the more references they will have, photocpy what you need, make sure you write the ref on that copy, and begin to build your research, be through, and organised, best way.

witchandchips Tue 08-Jul-08 16:51:31

smile i did not pick the witch nickname out of thin air - cackle cackle

but please just concentrate on what you would like to achieve in your topic, let your tutors help you knock it into some kind of shape next term

colacubes Tue 08-Jul-08 16:52:42

Tired I got a 1st/ but then I am a genius

giddly Tue 08-Jul-08 16:54:49

Have you thought about contacting MIND or other mental health organisations to ask if there's anything to do with local services they'd like you to look at? Might help you feel the work has more point. I did some work evaluating a drop in centre, which was quite interesting.

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:57:41

Really interested in womens mental health, perinatal mental health, also PTSD- If I could find enough stuff bringing PTSD and womens MH together, Im sure I would enjoy writing it.

PeachyBAHonsBirthdayGirl Tue 08-Jul-08 16:59:10

Sure this will copy horrendously but here is my copied diss proposal from last year

Dissertation Proposal 2007-8


Briefly explain what your work will be about and what your intended angle is?

Preliminary Plan (dissertation sections)

Preliminary Bibliography (annotated)


Last related choice essay I did was relayted to speech disorders and brain damage, that was a personal interest- my diss. was on slavery and interested me too, it must do otherwise you will really regret it I promise! the other key criterion is to choose something there is lots of appropriate info readily available for- a friend ended up having to go to lebanon for hers!.

I finaly garduated today. Phew.

PeachyBAHonsBirthdayGirl Tue 08-Jul-08 16:59:40

(sorry pro-forma fopr it, you really wouldnt want the actual LOL)

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 16:59:55

Hmm Giddly- the Local Mind do a womens group.

Hmm now you have got me thinking.....

witch- thanks for the advice ( im sure I will be following you around the board for advice when the time comes)

Cola- many thanks for that info- I may contact our library to see if they have a similar set up

PeachyBAHonsBirthdayGirl Tue 08-Jul-08 17:00:39

TE_ have you thouhght about contacting AIMS (association for improvement in maternity services) to see what there is on PTSD following birth?

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 17:01:17

Peachy - you star, what a great idea.


PeachyBAHonsBirthdayGirl Tue 08-Jul-08 17:03:05

Her diss was on christianity in the Lebanon, a specific type apparently, but then her friend wouldn't come here to see her so she had to go there

I think i'd have changed at that point!

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 17:04:25

with that in mind peachy I may do a comparison between mental health services here and in australia......

<ponders jetting off in the name of 'research'>

PeachyBAHonsBirthdayGirl Tue 08-Jul-08 17:06:20


can you not do a 3 way study, barbados perhaps?

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 17:06:57

Now you are tempting me.... wink

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