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Calling nursing students

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brightwell Thu 03-Jul-08 14:56:05

I'm currently mentoring an HCA who is currently undertaking an access to nursing course. We are struggling with her personal statement. Can you remember how you "sold" yourself when you initially applied.

amazonianadventure Fri 04-Jul-08 09:34:13

there are lots of nursing sudent forum and a lot of them have personal statements on them,i use a midwifery forum which might cover the same stuff (just take out the babies part)

tiredemma Fri 04-Jul-08 09:35:43

I will email you mine- dont mind saying that its fab and got me three interviews.

give me your email or email me at ELW662 at Bham dot ac dot uk

brightwell Fri 04-Jul-08 12:15:20

Hi Tiredemma
I've emailed you


tiredemma Fri 04-Jul-08 12:22:00

Hi- I have replied and attatched my PS

brightwell Fri 04-Jul-08 12:36:17

Wow very speedy email, thanks a lot!

3andnomore Tue 08-Jul-08 20:36:14

JUst to say, that whilst I did not apply for nursing, but OT...Tiredemmas statement really helped me with my own!
Also be happy to pass on my personal statement...only applied to one University and got a place

pucca Mon 14-Jul-08 19:42:04

Tiredemma...Can i be cheeky and ask you to send me your PS too? i am wanting to do a higher diploma in nursing next year. smile

tiredemma Wed 16-Jul-08 18:37:01

Sorry Pucca only just noticed.

Email me at ELW662 at BHAM dot AC dot UK

Ill forward it to you.

lovemyprincessandprince Mon 22-Sep-08 22:51:03


i think im in the right place are all of u studyin midwifery ???

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