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PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 10:28:26

Anyone want to start a PhD / support thread?

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:33:59

I must be the only one out here then ...
I which case I'd better get back to work instead of websurfing!!

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 11:34:46

Me!!!! Though I'm at a very early stage. What is your subject?

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:42:31

COOL!! Modern Languages, very late stage - submission date mid April, so on the polish & edit stage now. Hence the constant web surfing!!

How have you sorted childcare etc? I have only now got myself a nanny (well since Sept) and it has made all the difference to my being able to finish.

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:43:36

Also, how many kids? Subject?

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 11:50:09

History of Art. I was accepted to start studies last October but because some personal circumstances I have to defer the start until next October, however I am working at the moment in it (I have got some "bridge" supervision between the MA and the PhD with the good old excuse of the AHRB funding applications)

Have childcare at the moment but I'm about to change the days, one question... in an average, and with the thing of the children... how many hours do you manage to work in it?

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 11:53:12

and another thing... I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about my not having a job... how many woman manage to work part time, study part time, and still get to know their children properly AND finish on time?

twiceTK Thu 27-Jan-05 11:54:11

Me Me!! Only I just like looking around MN but actually have no kid. Only married and with my DH's kids sometimes . ... Economics in very late stage (have been extended the submission date again and again so try not to extend again this time )

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 11:59:59

I just typed a really long message that I then lost! OOPS!

OK: work 9-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9-1pm Fri. Have about 1.5-2 hours off each day. Employ nanny 40 hour week (she does o/time for babysits) so that I can work, without breaks, 30 hrs.

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:01:59

Guilt thing ... well I worked 5 yrs between PhD start date 1, and recent new PhD start date.

So got the working guilt thing out of the way.

All in all think is a good mix study is flexible with kids. But you are working alone, from home (in Humanities that is). so can be a bit monotonous. Not too lonely as lots of friends near and nanny & little person at home all day too.

charlie01 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:02:13

I'm doing computer modelling/engineering. Started in 2001, got pregnant, had a baby boy, Mackenzie now 1 and still trying to finish! Feels like I've been doing it forever!

Am doing 2 days a week at the moment plus odd evenings(bought a house near my parents for free childcare!) but am quite lucky as I can do most of my work from home. Hoping to have it finished by the summer.

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:04:27

charlie 01 you are doing really well - started PhD 1996, then stopped 1997-2002, had baby and moved nearer Uni and further away from free chilcare (doh!), only now about to hand in. Had to stop twice after having little G because of crap childcare letting me down.

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 12:05:14

At the moment I have child care for 50 hrs a week, but after a very long trip during christmas I realised that I only spend 1.5 hours per day during weekdays with him. Obviously I am missing a lot, specially because when I get him from the nursery he is already tired and moody.... I have met a completely different child during the trip (he is 2 yrs old), and it really made me think what on Earth am I doing. In all honesty, my work involves lots of reading and you can't read continuosly for 8 hrs (at least I can't as I end up all mixed up) Any ideas? suggestions? conmiseration??

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 12:09:15

Actually, the thing would be... would it be too bad if I ditch the idea of working and concentrate on DS and PhD? I hear the old "succesful-at-work-woman's conciense" whispering thing @you can't do that" or "you will be too old to go back if you leave it for three more years" (I'm 34)

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 12:45:12

Ooops! Have I killed this thread???

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:55:39

Sorry, just busy for a moment. Well, I would say, cut yourself some slack if you can afford to. I luckily didn't need to work and turned down offers of supervisions so that I could concentrate on doing the PhD. Ideally I would work 3.5 days on it solely, then 1.5 days with just little one. Means not taking so many breaks ie lunch / web / exercise.

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:57:08

I have no prob with women not working. You can never recreate the time you lose with your little ones ... and don't want to make you feel guilty about that, just stating the obvious.

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:59:40

If you work better in the morning, then try to get a childcare arrangement that mirrors that working pattern, and be with little one in teh after noon. As you know tho, to create 5 hours' reading time, you need about 6 hrs to yourself.

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 13:00:45

PhDMumof1.... aware of your expertise in modern languages (and my deficiencies in it ) could you clarify what "cut yourself a slack" means?

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 13:03:22

I was thinking in he staying in nursery full day on Tue and Thu and 9 to 1 the rest of the time (the 9 to 1 seems to be working fine, it's my most producitve time as I am useless after lunch besides I could top up working some evening when DS is asleep) do you think that would do?

PhDMumof1 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:08:05

I think that sounds perfect timing for the first 2 yrs of the PhD. Will prob mean that you won't have much time for teaching - does that matter to you? Could keep your profile up giving papers and get DH to do the extra babysitting (eg if seminar is at 5pm) that you might need then.

In final year you can then bump up childcare hours - or little one might be in school already, and you can intensify work schedule in order to finish.

I work a lot more efficiently now I am a Mum. Everyone says they do so I am sure it willbe the case for you too. Cut some slack! (Give yourself a break / more time).

Chandra Thu 27-Jan-05 13:20:28

I don't think I will be teaching unless I get an AHRB award but my subject makes that difficult. Though I would love to.... anyways, not to difficult to solve given the oportunity. Thanks

highlander Thu 27-Jan-05 23:29:36

I'm writing up - stem cells. Only have half of the intro to do but haven't touched it since DS was born. I keep promising myself I'll write when DS is in bed, but I'm too knackered

PhDMumof1 Fri 28-Jan-05 13:25:31

How old is DS, HIghlander?

I dont' think I made any meaningful contributions to my PhD before I stopped breastfeeding (he was 10 months). Used to get someone in for 8 hours pw until then so that I could keep up with my reading. Then had lots of childcare issues so was very patchy for about 15 months in the end.

But if you are nearly finished, just think what a relief when that intro is done. I can't wait til I'm done.

highlander Tue 01-Feb-05 18:03:25

DS was 20 wks yesterday

He's very demanding; not placid at all. Ah well, not long until he's sitting up and taking solids and DH can amuse him for a few hours

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