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Anyone at / going to Bath Spa?

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OsmosisBanana Tue 10-Jun-08 13:55:36


SubRosa Wed 11-Jun-08 19:36:34

I'm not at Bath, but maybe this website can help:


JaceyBee Thu 19-Jun-08 15:52:21

Hi there

I have just finished my degree at Bath Spa, it took me 5 years full time because I took one year out after the first year to have my ds and then another year out in the middle fo the third year to have my dd! Both unplanned but shit happens! Think it was probably the longest degree ever but I loved it because the course was great and it's such a nice place to be, although I didn't actually live there but commuted from Swindon (boo). The best thing about it was the teaching, all my lecturers were lovely and so supportive about the fact that I was a mature student (I'm 29 now) with 2 young children at home. Lots of mature students go to Bath Spa actually so I didn't feel too geriatric compared to all the whippersnappers of 18. I did Psychology and Cultural Studies, what course are you doing?

hanaflowerisnothana Thu 19-Jun-08 15:56:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OsmosisBanana Thu 24-Jul-08 13:23:01

Doing BSc Diet and Health, living in Bristol so will commute in.

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