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horseshoe Fri 21-Jan-05 09:36:35

I'm doing A103 at the moment. Anyone else done a course??? How did you manage it. Any tips?

Aimsmum Fri 21-Jan-05 10:11:04

Message withdrawn

kbubbles Fri 21-Jan-05 10:22:17

I studied for A103 last year when I was pregnant with my DD. Also have a 3 year old DS who was at nursery for 2 mornings a week during that time. I really enjoyed the course and just about managed to keep up. My tutor was fantastic and when I was suffering with horrendous morning sickness early on in the course, she gave me extensions on my essays so I could hand them in a bit late. I found going to tutorials really helped keep me motivated and on track with it all. Also, have you looked at the First Class discussions on A103 (you can access it from your student home page)?
Good luck with it all!

crystaltips Fri 21-Jan-05 10:26:19

Don't want to butt in ..... but the thing that has put me off OU is that I might have to do a residential week ( I coudln't get the child care )

What I am really asking - is .... is it TERRIBLY hard work ?? I'd Love to do it though ....

paolosgirl Fri 21-Jan-05 10:28:51

Don't know if this is any help at all, but they've resurrected the Individual Learning Account, so if you earn less than £15K (not based on household income) you can apply and get £200 per year towards the cost. I think the OU is registered with them.

horseshoe Fri 21-Jan-05 15:38:38

Im loving it but finding it hard as in FT work and so just doing bits when and where.

Crystaltips,my course and the degree can all be done with evening tutorials. Im going for a BA (honours) English Literature.

babysteffee Sat 22-Jan-05 00:50:06

Careful, 'cause OU study is addictive!!

I've done DD100, K202 and U205 and find that they start off quite easy but get progressively more complicated as the course nears its end. And not having set timetables/lectures etc means you have to be a lot more self-motivated and organised, but then the reward you get from even completing one assignment on time is immense, because you know you've done it all by yourself (well apart from the kind tutor talking to you at 9pm for two hours, the addictive discussions in your First Class group, and boring half your friends and family to death about your course).

Saying that I grew up with my mum doing OU courses, so it didn't put me off that much!!

I'd say go for it! And good luck!!

GRMUM Sat 22-Jan-05 07:21:08

Crystaltips, I think quite a lot of the courses don't have summer school these days or they are separate courses for additional points. I think the only ones that may be compulsory are on science courses for the lab. work.

Chandra Fri 04-Feb-05 11:58:37

Open Universiy VS other universities (PhD)

Hi, I have been accepted by a very good university to do my PhD, however... I'm feeling very tempted by all the advertising of the OU. How effective is the supervision when done at long distance? Any experience? I expect that whether I go to the Open or not I would be working from home so it's going to be very lonely anyway, but just wanted to found who offered the best oportunities to stay motivated through out the course.

Chandra Fri 04-Feb-05 11:59:17

Oh dear! wrong thread, I though I was starting another

lilibet Fri 04-Feb-05 12:18:35

Horseshoe - me too!!

Have you done your essay on Rousseau yet?

nikkim Fri 04-Feb-05 13:14:35

I am doing ED209 this year working towards a psychology degree already donse DD100 and DSE212.

I just find I have to be very disciplined I tend to put in a few hours every night or if possible during the day while dd is at pre - school - it can mean sometimes working from 9 at night until the early hours.

I have done a traditional degree at a well respected university and comparing the two is interesting. The materials provided by the OU are well put together and the course structure is well put together however it can be a bit superficial if you just stick to the set setxs provided. I find it quite an isolating way to study and miss the bar banter if you like, I would recomend a summer school if you can get to one.

pinotgrigio Mon 07-Feb-05 12:33:27

I'm doing MU120 towards a degree in IT and Telecommunications. I love doing OU, although it's much more work than you think. I find the assignments really creep up on you. My current course has 2 per month I think and a massive one at the end. No exam tho.

Crystal - I think you can get an exemption from residential school if you have young children. I've done summer schools and they huge fun. I spent most of the last one with a raging hangover! I haven't been since I had DD though, I wouldn't leave her.

cazzybabs Tue 08-Feb-05 20:16:26

nikkim - would you like me to emial you my eassys for Ed209 - got bewteen 78-87 for them? I am doing social psych. this year - its really hard - a bit of a shock.

Have you bought the Helen Cox notes - they are brilliant - I recommened them!

horseshoe Mon 07-Mar-05 16:42:25


Just seen this been away for a while....

What a complete nightmare TMA06 is. How are you doing.

Got 78% for Rousseau which is by far my best mark so far....I dont seem to be doing too well at this course

Stargazer Mon 07-Mar-05 16:49:52

Hi Team

I'm doing S205 this year - 60pt chemistry course and will be doing SXR205 in the summer and S151 in September. Yes, it can be hard to juggle it all but it's worth it. I've done S103, ST240 and S293 so far and have another 3 years to go after this year - hopefully to get BSc Hons in Molecular Science. Not sure what I'll be doing after that. Congratulations Horseshoe on your TMA result - Arts gives me the shivers!!! Much happier with science. Good luck everyone.
PS I fit my study in at night after the kids have gone to bed, and sometimes try to do a couple of hours during the morning too - I need to keep ahead this year. Also, my hubby is wonderfully supportive when I go to tutorials.

lilibet Mon 07-Mar-05 17:10:57

I ended up substituting the Rousseau, my best mark so far is 81 on the Prime SOurse document. Have you done Alfred or the Relgion? I'm struggling with Alfred but am too far into it now to change to religion. Where are you?

lilibet Mon 07-Mar-05 17:12:10

Oh dear - how bad does that look for someone doing a OU degree - Prime Source!!

alicatsg Mon 07-Mar-05 17:16:13

I'm doing a tiny creative writing course (forgot the number again) and struggling to find time so total kudos to those who manage to be mum, work and study for real!!

nikkim Mon 07-Mar-05 19:28:13

hi cazzycabs - just seen your message - wasn't ignoring you

If you are fine emailing your essays that would be fab - don't want to entice you into doing anything unethical though

I tend to average the same scores as you, managed to scrape my Pass 1 for DSE212. I am looking forward to doing the social psychology -- so don't tell me it is hard. I am dreading cognitive!

horseshoe Tue 08-Mar-05 09:02:22


Im doing the religion.....Only because I have slacked this block and have hardly read the HoS block.

Have you been using the first class stuff???

CherryEm Tue 08-Mar-05 16:10:24

hey ive just applied for october start A103. im already at stirling uni but would have to move with DP and DD to continue and put her into an expensive nursery when shes just 1. how hard is it to study full time wi OU with a baby in toe? Have i made the right choice going with open learning rather than sticking with my uni degree at stirling?

lilibet Tue 08-Mar-05 16:14:51

Hi Cherryem, Im doing it with a job and three chidlren - it is hard and I think a lot depends on your tutor - mine is wonderful and very understanding at the everyday pressures of life. (and he has a gorgeous voice )

Horseshoe - I don't because I cna't get hooked on another site - should I?

I'm at Day School this weekend at Manchester, that's why I was asking where you are.

horseshoe Tue 08-Mar-05 16:29:26

Im in Havering but have not attended any day schools....And yes you should most def look at first class. It helped me so much with the last TMA as you can go request people go into chat and you can all talk about it. I get loads of ideas that I wouldn't of normally thought about. I find it better than the tutorials as you can discuss the TMA's through your mailboxes....def go and have a look through your homepage. Im at work and between MN and firstclass I get no work done at all


I think the Open Uni had been good for my needs. Like lilibet I work FT with one child. A103 is the equivelent of 16per week study so in theory you can do two 60 point courses before you have to put the FT hours in. I did study hard the first coiuple of months but now i have a choice of essays to do I find I only need to scan certain subjects and concentrate on others.

lilibet Tue 08-Mar-05 16:34:05

Have you read any of the books/plays yet?

I should be looking at Alfred at the moment!

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