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Where and when do you do your coursework

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sallystrawberry Thu 20-Jan-05 21:15:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandra Thu 20-Jan-05 21:35:01

Don't feel mean, sent him upstairs (I have just send DH to the bedroom because I was here using Mumsnet ;)), you can make a nice tea/beverage for him, put the TV in the bedroom and convince him that he really needs to be in bed

Good luck with the assignments.

Sandi102 Sat 22-Jan-05 20:38:21

the 'office' is based in the lounge, so i can only do it once everyone has gone to bed..i start at around 8.30 and usually go up at 11.0. Although, I'm now finding with my dissertation, that i require a day to actually get anything constructuve done. A few hours is not working anymore. Besides, i'm so tired, i ache for my i'am right now..and i haven't got the motivation to keep going tonight..(ds2 kept me up until 2am this morning!!)..goodnight..x

RudyDudy Sun 23-Jan-05 10:37:21

I used to do mine at the kitchen table but it was too much of a PITA to keep getting my stuff out and clearing it away and if I only had half hour it took most of the time to get sorted. We now have a desk in our bedroom which isn't ideal but at least I can leave my stuff out so that I can access it easily if I have a short amount of time to do something. As for when, well it depends on what I've got to do but during DS' lunctime nap and on Sunday mornings as DH takes DS swimming. So I really should be revising right now

Beansmum Sun 23-Jan-05 14:46:38

I try and do mine at uni, I do a 9-5 day but only have 4hrs lectures a day so I go to the library or sit in the refectory and work during the day. Any extra work I have I do at the kitchen table when ds has gone to bed, or on the floor in front of the tv. ds can't crawl yet so it's safe for me to leave stuff lying about, wont be long until he's into everything though!

Smurfgirl Sun 23-Jan-05 15:40:13

The night before in bed. Well I do all my research in the library about a week before and then delay and delay.

nikcola Sun 23-Jan-05 15:49:22

when i have to !!!!!

trefusis Sun 23-Jan-05 16:20:58

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Sun 23-Jan-05 16:22:41

on the bus

kama Tue 15-Feb-05 00:38:32

Message withdrawn

pinkwhistle Tue 15-Feb-05 05:22:01

During the day while dd and ds are at school, usually at the dining room table if it's taking notes, at the PC if it's assignment stuff or in a comfy chair if it's reading.

If I have an essay due date looming I will do some on weekends but I try to avoid it. I am doing 2 units externally and one on campus this semester (our year starts on the 28th Feb).

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