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Medical for nursing interview.

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Smurfgirl Mon 03-Jan-05 23:25:08

Hi. Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what is involved in a medical for entry to a nursing diploma course.

The exact words in the prospectus are -

All applicants are required to provide evidence of their interest in nursing/midwifery/ODP, be in good health, complete a health questionnaire and be prepared to undergo a medical examination.

I have a place already, its conditional on 6mths experience in a clinical setting (working in a care home for old people counts yes?) and passing a medical and having enhanced disclosure (i have that).

For personal reasons I am concerned about the medical, so I would appreciate it if anyone can help me with what it involves.

Thanks very much!

studenti Mon 03-Jan-05 23:50:54

Not sure what stage you're at? Have you filled out your health questionnaire and been called for a medical? Many people only have to do the questionnaire, I think, but anyone whose answers on the questionnaire suggest possible health problems will be called to medical examination. Not sure what the medical itself would involve if you were called but expect someone else will be able to help.

FlosstyTheSnowman Mon 03-Jan-05 23:54:15

I don't know anyone who had a medical. I only had a phone call to clarify a few things. I suffer from things like athsma/hayfever/excema. I had also had PID a few times. Nothing big. I think DP had a medical with his GP for the doctors, again think it was mainly questions and answers. I would'nt worry about it too much unless it actually comes to it, which I don't think is too likely. Hope it works out ok.

Smurfgirl Mon 03-Jan-05 23:59:54

I would be required to go for a medical I would imagine.

Quick summary. October 2003 I ODed x6 (?) and had a short period of self harm until April 2004. October-August I was seen by a pyschiatric liason nurse who speclised in self harm, basically he diagnosed me as having emotional difficulties resulting in my self harm. I have not hurt myself since April. My nurse discharged me and is happy to say that I am ready for a nursing course, and also that I will be a good nurse. I do not have any mental health diorder I just had a bad time and reacted badly. I will have been discharged for a yr by the time the course starts, and been self harm free for 18mths.

My current university department has given me a good reference, and my work will give my a good reference. I have proved this year that I can cope with the demands of a degree and working in a stressful healthcare environment.

Basically I am worried that my past will stop me, even though I have moved on, and proved I can cope and want to be a nurse.

Sorry this is very long and very depressing.

Smurfgirl Tue 04-Jan-05 00:01:55

Oh and I mentioned my problems in my application and was still interviewed and offered the place based on satisfactory medical stuff.

FlosstyTheSnowman Tue 04-Jan-05 00:10:14

Then don't worry about it, you have been upfront. The only thing you would have to worry about really is if you hid your past. You have been very brave and honest and you should be proud of yourself. The people who cared for you and helped you through it, people who do know about these things have given you their backing. Continue to be honest and try not to let it stress you out. If somehow, or someway the medical was to stop you getting in (something I very much doubt) then with all the high reccomendations you come with, it would be very much their loss, and well worth applying to other places who are likely to be more sympathetic. Please don't give up! You are obviously incredibly brave and strong. hugs.

studenti Tue 04-Jan-05 00:13:59

Totally agree with floss, smurfgirl. You've been very honest and they obviously think you're more than up to doing the course. I wondered if you might get some more specific answers from the site and forum here?

DonnaLouise Tue 04-Jan-05 10:40:09

Experiences such as yours, smurfgirl, can make you a better person in that you'll probably be less likely to judge anyone you come into contact with who has psychiatric problems.

I would think they would ask you about your past history. Answer them truthfully and make it clear you've moved on.

Well done for being so brave. Go girl.

chloeb2002 Tue 04-Jan-05 18:57:20

hello, i had to do the mediacl bit however like most it was a form .... well two of them... the first on i declared that id suffered from depression and required a/d's this was requestioned with further deatils in the second form. The main issues seemed to be... do i sleep at night? do i feel im able to cope with the academic stresses of a dip nursing. i answered yae as i do to both and all was ok. i think you just need to be upfront and open, i justified why i would be fine... single parent of a two year old can cope with that etc.... if in doubt ring oc health at your home trust and disscuss it with them?

HelloMama Tue 04-Jan-05 19:38:47

I suspect that one of the occupational health doctors will want to have a quick chat with you about what you have described. They will probably ask the sort of questions chloeb2002 said. My friend had quite serious anorexia during our course and they asked to see her at regular intervals during the course to make sure everything was going well and find out how she was coping. Obviously your experiences are in the past, but they may still want to see you every now and again, which I think is a good idea, as it is quite tough. I think all student nurses should have some sort of regular input as you do see and have to do things which are quite out of the ordinary and it can be stressful at times. I wish you lots of luck though as its such a great career and your life experiences will benefit you enormously.

Smurfgirl Thu 06-Jan-05 13:23:20

Thanks that is very reassuring because I have been quite worried. Hopefully I will have my place confirmed by February/March so I will let you know how I get on.

Now to finish the degree I am doing now

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