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please help me with my interview xx

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nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 22:38:35

i have a uni interview on thursay for a degree in nursing course, and im crapping myself what do i wear ? (cant afford much new at the mo)

ive been told on the letter that we will be having a group discussion about current health issues [confussed smiley)

as you all no im not the most confident person but im very friendly and love people anyone got any tips tia

love nikki xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blossomhill Sat 01-Jan-05 22:39:08

Just be yourself, honestly! xxx

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 22:42:22

yeh but will that work

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 22:45:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blossomhill Sat 01-Jan-05 22:47:00

Well I would say wear a pair of plain black trousers and a smartish top. Neutral makeup and your hair again smart. Either tied back straight.
When you are talking at the interview make sure you give eye contact and that you listen to them when they are speaking. I know that may sound obvious but I know I find it so hard to concentrate in situations like that but if you look interested then you are half way there xxx

SeaShells Sat 01-Jan-05 22:48:47

No advice to give, sorry. But I wish you lots of luck, I'll be applying to Uni in a years time and I'm already nervous of the interviews, I expect the ones who appear confident and voice their opinion are the ones who get noticed I suppose. Good luck

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 22:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FeastofStevenmom Sat 01-Jan-05 22:49:41

for current issues, maybe look on the bbc news web site health section to give you an idea and maybe the bmj web site

for clothes - do you have a plain dark skirt/trousers, nice smart plain top and plain dark jacket? If you have a nice suit, great, if not, then dress smartly.

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 22:50:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 22:50:50

no i havent got a suit wish i did , ive got black trousers and black boots will have to hunt for a smart top xx

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 22:51:08

ok thank you xxx

FeastofStevenmom Sat 01-Jan-05 22:51:34

in the group discussion, try and contribute, but don't try and dominate - they'll like it if you look like a good listener. if you can get into a role of "chairing" the group then that will impress them. but don't worry too much about trying to impress, you just want to look interested in nursing, and show that you can listen to people.

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 22:57:08

i think i am a good listerner , im just not good at interviews although this interview is going to last 3 hours but ill give it my best and hope they like me

i love caring for people and hopefull they will see that x

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 23:13:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 23:13:09

nurse nikki here i come

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 23:13:37

oh yeh good idea they have it in the libary will look when i go bak on tuesday

Blossomhill Sat 01-Jan-05 23:14:53

Hugs to you Nikcola. Sending lots of positive vibes your way as I am sure you will do fine. You really deserve this you know xxx

FeastofStevenmom Sat 01-Jan-05 23:15:24

nursing times website here:-

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 23:16:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 23:16:58


hunkermunker Sat 01-Jan-05 23:31:22

Good luck!

Don't wear perfume. This is my top tip for anyone attending any important interview - even the nicest-smelling perfume may have unpleasant memories for the interviewer. Smell is a sense we rely on a lot, but subliminally, so you may say all the right things, but the interviewer might have been dumped by a girlfriend who smelt just like you so you won't get the place, even though they don't know why they don't like you.

nikcola Sat 01-Jan-05 23:32:33

good tip i allways wear loads of purfume

walliamsbabysmum Sat 01-Jan-05 23:33:22

I work in the NHS - not nursing, but the big thing seems to be social inclusion ie addressing health needs of people in deprived areas - smoking, alcohol dependence, mental ill-health etc, and how the environment you live in, and your access to affordable, decent housing, fresh food and leisure facilities etc can affect your wellbeing as much as anything. If that all makes sense?
Good luck with your interview

marbeth Sun 02-Jan-05 17:20:37

I would recommend looking at department of health website.Lots of government white papers.Recently published public health paper would be worth a read which relates to obesity and other things.

Blackduck Sun 02-Jan-05 17:42:50

nikcola, as someone who's been on both sides of the interview experience I'd just reinforce everyone else here. Suit isn't nec (not for a degree interview), but keep it smart and 'classic'. Also firm (but not vicelike!) handshake and look at the interviewers.....If they ask a question you are not sure about don't bluff (unless you are an expert bluffer!) - ask them to repeat the question if necessary (gives you thinking time) and be honest. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know...) Be yourself....and 'good luck'!

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