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Got Intvw for midwife course - do I tell them I'm 4mths pg?

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Jasmum Sat 01-Jan-05 21:09:51

I'm currently doing an access course which finishes in May, my baby is due June. Midwifery course starts in October but my interwiew is next week before term starts so I can't discuss with my tutor. I can't decide wether to tell them I'm pregnant or not, they may defer me if I do or they might not....any ideas?

bonkerz Sat 01-Jan-05 21:15:01

id say that if you are determined to do the course and not change your mind then i wouldnt tell themn! Midwifery courses are hard to get onto so if there is a small posssibility that you will not want to put your new baby into daycare or leave you baby with relatives for long periods of time then i would tell them about the baby! If they dont accept you this time atleast you will have had the experiance and can go and do it in the next intake! Dont take a space that could be used for someone else if you are unsure about how you will feel once the baby is here! Personally id defer for a year so that i could concentrate on my baby and then my studies when baby is older!

Jasmum Sat 01-Jan-05 21:24:23

FOr me,it depends on how the new baby is. I don't think I'd have a problem putting baby into full time childcare but I really don't know what will happen till baby is born.
Would you mind me asking if you have any direct experience in this or is it just your feel. (hope you don't mind me asking)

jampots Sat 01-Jan-05 21:26:15

hopefully they should be able to notice it themselves

Jasmum Sat 01-Jan-05 21:28:09

Thanks jampot another good 15 wks so could still disguise it, but if these people are midwives themselves it may not go unnoticed anyway! oh, what to do.....

huggybear Sat 01-Jan-05 22:03:23

midwifery courses are really hard to get on too, so if you really want to do it this year then dont tell them!!

Blossomhill Sat 01-Jan-05 22:05:18

If you are anything like me though I would worry if I didn't tell them. Obviously they will find out soon anyway! Is there any rule that says you have to or can you just say you didn't think you had to mention it, all innocently.

bonkerz Sat 01-Jan-05 22:14:36

hiya YES i do have experiance with this but my ds was 15 months when i decided to go back to college 3 days a week and it was really hard to concentrate in class cos i was so worried about him and weather i should be leaving him yet! I just know that haveing a baby is a big thing and like oyu said you wont know how oyu will feel till the baby is here! Is there a way you could delay your plans till next year and maybe do a couple of part time courses till then to get used to leaving your baby?

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 22:16:02

I'd say you should tell them

huggybear Sat 01-Jan-05 22:27:42

my son was 6 months old when i decided to go to college and after worrying about him loads for a week or two i realised that he was nicely settled at nrsery. the older son 2.5 was more of a worry because he didnt settle to well at first. my tutor, at my interview, didnt want to take me on as i had a young baby but i manageed to convince her to give me a chance. places are much more limited with the midwifery course so i would just give them reasons to accept you rather than put doubt about your commitment etc to the course.

huggybear Sat 01-Jan-05 22:28:34

not sure why i was accepted onto the course when my spelling is so bad

Joolstoo Sat 01-Jan-05 22:55:53

well you can't claim ignorance!

joash Sun 02-Jan-05 00:32:49

Don't tell 'em. SOme years ago, I was a few months into a relatively new job and knew that a major year-long training course was coming up that would ensure career advancement. I made the mistake of telling them and I had to wait another year before I could start. The annoying thing is that when I actually had DS (four weeks into the start of what should have been my course), I only had six days off work and so would actually have only missed one session of the course.

Moomina Sun 02-Jan-05 09:05:27

Where's your interview, jasmum? I have midwifery interviews at King's and Greenwich in the next few days. WRT your question, I guess as others have said it depends whether you are comfortable with putting your db into fulltime childcare at 3 months. My guess is that admitting to your pregnancy would probably not do you any favours. There are so many capable candidates and so few places. However, if you kept quiet and then decided not to take the place at the last minute, most universities will keep reserve lists anyway so I guess you could look at it as if you did drop out your free place would be a nice surprise for someone else...

My personal experience is that I have waited a bit as I would find it hard to leave ds at such a young age - he will be 28 months if I start this Sept and that suits me better. The course is so hard to get onto and then there is such a high level of commitment expected that I wouldn't have felt able to do it when he was any younger. But this is purely a personal opinion!

Jasmum Sun 02-Jan-05 09:41:01

Interview is in Slough nxt Monday. In the notes I received it says you have to tell them if you will be more then 18 wks pg at the start of the course as you will be asked to withdraw. it says alsot hat is is ESSENTIAL that you advise them of pregnancy so plans can be made. I worry if I do tell them then they'll defer me as baby will be so young as huggybear said. If I don't tell them & get a place then decide to defer for a year because of baby they'll want to know why I didn't say anything to begin with.

Moomina Sun 02-Jan-05 10:08:44

Do you know for sure they would automatically defer you anyway? You could try asking on SMS site for advice - there must be people in the same position. Good luck with whatever you decide!

DonnaLouise Mon 03-Jan-05 18:01:47

I'm at slough. 2nd year. I know the lecturers there and I'm very fond of, and respect most of them. Tell them you're pregnant. One of the girls on my course started when her youngest was 6 months old. She is constantly tired and has taken up smoking again. Remember, your baby may not sleep through the night and you do need your faculties about you when you do your first placement in november.

I started the day after ds was 2 and this seemed to be the perfect time for me as I was climbing the walls after 2 years at home and he was getting bored of me. But for a 4 month old... again, purely a personal view, just enjoy your child and take the place the following year!

Look forward to seeing you if you're going to be based at heatherwood or wexham.

chloeb2002 Mon 03-Jan-05 18:58:03

hi there, again just my opion but ive a DD who nis 2 now and i did access when she was one, i found leaving her for 3 days a week was fine and was very glad id had her first year with her. on a nuring diploma now and i find that i get very stressed still that i have to measure the time that i spend with her awake in hours through a week. ok some are better than others but its a huge commitment. in your shoes id ring them in advance, talk to them.. ask if you could be interviewed now in lieu of a place deffered for next year. good luck!

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