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any student nurses or wanna be's just want to share this....

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chloeb2002 Thu 23-Dec-04 20:47:13

Ive just started a placement in a community hospital with the principle client group of elderly, rehab and terminal/paliative care... the unit is nurse led and i can safely say that my eyes have been totally opened. I would say my career aims are not anywhere near aged care as id like to spend some time in acute, maybe even A and E or trauma for a spell before moving into obstetrics, but this placement so far has been awesome. I was really quite scared about being involved in any terminal care, all the how do i treat them worries... what about their families? rang loud in my head. Ok so so far two terminal care cases have died and not in my presence but i now feal if either of the current two individuals i have treated were to die i would feel highly privileged to have been able to help them feel comfortable and relaxed during their final days. I can genuinely see how my student placements will aid me in practice. Which may sound bizzare but or me it has been an eyeopener. If id been told at induction you will be sen on an elderly/ paliative care ward id have run screaming but it has broadened my perspective on holistic skills and made me feel jsut so much more able to cope! just wanted to put this out there to see how others feel about it....

saintnikcolas Thu 23-Dec-04 20:49:14

you are makeing me want to be a student nurse even more now xxxxxxxxxxx

Laylasmum Thu 23-Dec-04 21:16:33

Lovely message chloeb20021 i am a nurse and have been qualified since 1998 have times when i get v dissilusioned with nursing ( or at least i used to)but your post made me remember what nursing is all about although not all students feel like you do!!

Donbean Thu 23-Dec-04 21:37:50

Yes, there should be more postings like this, thankyou!
There tends to be an awful lot of doom and gloom and critisism aimed at care of the elderly etc and i post till im blue in the face that it is NOT all like that.
Im so glad that this is a positive experience for you and that you feel so strongly about it that you have talked about it.
you see, we do indeed do a fantastic, privelidged job dont we.

saintnikcolas Fri 24-Dec-04 11:41:22

i want to work with the elderly i allways have done

sallyhollyberry Fri 24-Dec-04 12:12:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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